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WordPress Plugin Creates “Plain Paper” Pages on ANY WP Theme

Posted on January 11, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

The WP Paper Template plugin is basically a blank canvas on which you can easily create a professional sales page, legal notice page, or whatever you like—without changing WordPress themes.

It is much more than that, though. The plugin also provides formatted headlines and sales copy. You can build a page very fast by pointing, clicking and pasting in the information. Just click on a headline and edit it to suit your message.

Internet Marketers Robert Plank and Lance Tomashiro have spent 4 years testing and perfecting this plugin. Their tests show that plain paper sales pages work best. And they added features to make this the only sales letter template that you will need.

By using this one plugin, you can

– Fire your copywriter (They show you everything you need to ’fill in the blank’ your way to real sales conversions.

– Cancel your theme subscriptions (Do they ever really do what you want them to do anyway?)

– Discover why Google, eBay, Apple, CraigsList and other top notch professional website uses a simple and clean
design. (Hint: goofy graphics don’t sell or convert, and everyone knows it.)

– Be blown away when you see the offer and price. It’s unbeatable.

Click here to see the WP Paper Template plugin and view demos, video, etc.

Buy it. (You’ll love it.)

Then come back and share how you use the plugin and why you like it. This plugin has so many uses besides sales pages. Let your imagination run wild.

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