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A Review Of Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports – Simplified Statistics Reporting For Your Blog

Posted on July 21, 2009 by GuestBlogger

The title of this WordPress plugin may stimulate many people’s appetite, especially those who love Chinese food.  But Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports is a delicacy of another kind.  Rather than providing a wonderful gastronomic experience, it will allow blog owners to view and study the statistics that matter so that they can make adjustments and improvements to their blogs, and in so doing, increase their blogs’ profitability.

Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports is one of the Top 10 plugins in lists published all over the internet.  Does this make it a “must download” however?  Is Tan Tan Noodles the “end all and be all” of statistics-gathering add-ons for WordPress Blogs?

The Good

Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports is the perfect plugin for people who want their statistics delivered fast and clean.  This plugin displays relevant statistics pertinent to your blog, i.e. how many people visited your blog, which pages garnered the most views, the URL where they came from, the URL where they exited your blog, among others.  One of the majot problems of WordPress blogs is the lack of such a reporting tool, making it nightmarish for most tweak freaks who want to monitor the smallest details about the performance of their blogs so that they can make adjustments towards its eventual perfection.

Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports fills in this void by basically gathering data from free third party statistics tools Google Analytics and Feedburner.  Thereafter, Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports conveniently displays the relevant portions of these statistics on the WordPress Dashboard.

Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports is a great way to monitor your blog’s performance in real time.

The Bad

However, Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports does not provide comprehensive details about the statistics it reveals.  You will get the main numbers but not the breakdown of those numbers.  You will not get information about how much time your visitors spent on each blog page, the countries where they came from , among other pertinent informative bits.

To view these missing statistics, the blog owner has to go to Google Analytics or Feedburner himself.

This is a fair compromise, though.  If the plugin was to display a thorough reporting of all the statistics gathered from Google Analytics and Feedburner, then that area of the blog will be a chaotic mess, what with the sheer number of details that will be exhibited.

The Ugly

What is the absolute worst thing about Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports?

It’s name, most definitely.  Somehow, encountering the name of the plugin at midnight while finishing up some work would be enough to make anyone hungry.


There are more comprehensive statistics reporting plugins for WordPress blogs, but Tan Tan Noodles provides a cleaner and more straightforward experience for people who just want to receive the basic numbers and don’t want to be weighed down by the details behind the same.

This makes Tan Tan Noodles WordPress Reports a worthwhile plugin that deserves an installation in every WordPress blog.

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