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Business Blogs Now Need to Be More Interactive Than Ever

Posted on January 22, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

As blog designers we need to keep up with not only the latest designs, technology, software and SEO, but also with the latest business trends as they affect the sites we design. It is not all about the pretty colors—or even the content.

As users become accustomed to more and more interactivity—with smart phones, tablets, advanced web designs, and more—we need to provide more and more interactivity on websites and blogs. Especially for business, and even if our clients have not thought of it yet.

Business communication used to be a one-way street. Companies made announcements, ran ads, released news. Customers waited to be persuaded. Or sold. Not anymore.

Interactivity is now essential for business websites. It has been especially important for consumer confidence in new technology such as home banking.

Consequently live chat features have become a standard for ecommerce sites to make connections with site visitors. And LivePerson, which has been around since 1995, provides the most comprehensive live chat software for business.

As the first company to make chat an active sales tool, LivePerson is a chat technology innovator. In fact, they lead customer relationship technology with chat software that includes a behavioral targeting engine to give the customer a convincing, effective, and pleasant experience.

LivePerson has live chat solutions for all kinds of sites. They offer good-looking graphics and specialized products for all kinds of businesses and customers. This is top of the line chat that increases sales, because customers like it.

That means that as blog designers, we need to recommend it to our clients and incorporate it in the sites we build.

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