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eCommerce Is Big Business, Requiring Specialized Knowledge

Posted on June 04, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

The good news is that ecommerce is huge. Not only are there giant online corporations, such as Amazon, eBay and Google, but other large companies, highly successful brick and mortar businesses, now make much of their money on line, such as WalMart, Target, and Sears.

Smaller businesses, though, often miss the point. An online business is not just a website that accepts payments, it is a business that operates on line. The difference is crucial.

An ecommerce website is much more complex and exacting to design and build than a lead-gathering or purely informative website. Not only is it more technically demanding, but there are also complex legal requirements that must be med. And the website must be tailored to the way the company does business—not (normally) the other way around.

When faced with developing a complex ecommerce site for a large company, even the most gifted web and blog designers often bring in specialists to consult on and implement the site so that it meets the heavy usage demands, business process requirements and government regulations specific to the particular type of ecommerce site.

Because just as important as the technical and legal issues is the e commerce strategy, and that really requires experts with a lot of successful ecommerce experience for best results.

How do blog designers come into this? Many ecommerce sites are built on WordPress or other blog/content management systems. But for large, busy ecommerce sites with many transactions happening at once, a bigger, more robust back-end solution is usually required. That could still be fronted with WordPress, but tying the front and back together can be tricky.

The best solution for small practitioners is to bring in an outside team, take a commission, retain control of your client relationship and supervise the situation as best you can. If you are part of an advertising firm, that is easier than if you are a solo practitioner, but it can be done.

Thinking that you can handle it all, when the client’s needs are beyond the expertise of your organization is a great way to lose a client and damage your reputation. Far better to take a small commission and look like a hero to the client.

And there really is a place for a design-oriented blog designer (not just a blog builder), who understands the client’s corporate identity and image. You can earn your commission by assuring smooth communication between client and consultants. Again, you get to be the hero—and you will probably learn a lot a long the way.

Besides, bringing in experts not only protects the client from unintentionally violating government regulations and assures that the site is robust enough for a heavy load of transactions. It also protects you and your business from legal violations, insoluble (or expensive) technical issues, and unhappy clients.

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