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How to Set Up your Free Blogger Blog

Posted on March 09, 2011 by GuestBlogger

In order to set up your free blogger blog, just follow these four simple steps and you will see a completed blog. Here it goes.

1. Create your Google account – enter your email, password, display name, and click continue

If you already have a Google account, just sign in.

2. Name your blog – enter blog title, blog address and click continue. Your blog address will be www.yourdomainname.blogspot.com

3. Choose a template from the existing templates. You can preview the template before you choose it too and it is very easy to change at anytime you want it.

4. Start writing your first post on your niche market.

Your Post contains a

a) Title – this is where you enter your post title or headline. Title should be as catchy as possible and grab the attention of the web surfers.

b) Body – Here is where you post the content of your post which is your articles. You can do some basic editing in like you are in Microsoft Word for font size, bolding, and choosing color, indenting and etc.

You can also add images from your computer file or from the website. Just enter the file destination or URL address. There are a few layout to choose from whether your image is to be position on the top right , top left or none.

You can allow options for readers to comment on your blog.

After you have posted your blog and you feel like to edit it for better. You can go to edit post and select the things that you want to change.

Click edit and save or publish. Every post that you write has a date and time. You can choose not to put the same time as you publish your post. Just change the time of the post and that’s about it. Isn’t that as simple as 123?

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