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Should You Advertise for Blogging Jobs or Use Autoblogging to Manage Multiple Blogs?

Posted on April 29, 2010 by GuestBlogger

Blogging has opened new ways of earning online income to millions of people around the world. Despite the fact that many run blogs just for fun, others have been able to exploit its true prospects in the online money making industry. Due to the recent hype for blogging and affiliate marketing through websites, almost everyone seems to be seeking his or her share in the industry.

If you’re experienced in blogging and know how to make money of them, you can shift your work load by offering blogging jobs to experts so that they can look after your blogs and you can direct your attention elsewhere.

Blogging jobs are becoming more and more lucrative as webmasters and affiliate marketers run multiple blogs simultaneously which is not an easy task by any means. As a freelancer your prospects in the industry are very bright as by getting blogging jobs you can earn handsomely.

The fact that blog runners have to update several blogs almost on a daily basis opens up new avenues for freelance bloggers to get hired for a decent pay. In most cases one freelancer can even take up multiple jobs at the same time which doubles the chances for a healthy income.

Several blogging jobs are advertised on online job sites and other related websites, meanwhile many online forums have also dedicated discussion boards for the sole purpose of interaction between freelance bloggers and hirers.

However, as the industry continues to flourish new ways and means to solve problems faced by bloggers are being introduced. Auto blogging may not be an unfamiliar term to you, because it has became a modern phenomenon that has changed the way we share information!

Have you analyzed the structure of the term, ‘Auto blogging’? The first impression which even a layman does not fail to catch is that it is in one way or another related to doing your work automatically.

Just imagine the implications of a tool that can update your blogs on a regular basis without you having to lose your wits maintaining all of your blogs. Auto blogging is gaining popularity as it tackles issues that frustrate even the pros in the industry.

With the help of an auto-blogger tool you get to update your blogs continuously with content so that the readership of your blog is maintained. And even if bloggers do take out enough time to update their blogs regularly, they require content, which is not that easy to produce each day.

Auto blogging functions on the lines that you as a blog owner instruct it to gather content from a certain RSS feed on a regular basis, hence, two of the most frustrating problems you face while blogging are solved quite conveniently with the help of auto blogging.

Auto blogging publishes content from other websites and blogs on to your blogs, so the question may arise in your mind if using such a technique is legal or not? The answer is in your favor.

Despite the fact that auto-blogger tool gathers content from other websites, it still gives a back link to the original source of the article or blog post, hence, the original publisher is not robbed of his or her due credit. Many people also make use of auto blogging to publish PLR articles on their websites.

The fact of the matter is that auto blogging draws its fair share of criticism as some quarters do not think it is ethical to publish content from other sites. On the other hand, some argue that it is hardly effective to set an automated program to update your blogs, when readers are more interested in personally interacting with the blogger.

Experts believe that the best use of auto blogging is when it is fused with human effort so that bloggers remain in touch with their audience meanwhile, this technique be used to ease the burden of work.-

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