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WordPress 2.9 Formatting Problems?

Posted on January 01, 2010 by Kathleen

I recently upgraded some of my WordPress sites to WP 2.9. Now I’m having problems with WordPress inserting trash code in posts and pages when I edit them.

That is, if all you do is type text with very little correction, you are fine. But if you type some text, save it, and go back later to add photos, you may be in trouble.

Whenever I start having strange problems, I check the source code. When I do that, I am finding repeated, redundant coding.

On one page I finally had to manually strip all the formatting code and reformat. That worked, but it took time. And that was a simple page with no photos.

When saving changes, after clicking the Update Page or Update Post button, I have actually watched as WordPress randomly inserted extra blank lines in awkward places.

Since 2.9 is not a security update, I am not updating any more of my WP sites to that version. I’m waiting and hoping the bugs get fixed in the next version.

I wish I could revert my WP 2.9 sites to the previous WordPress version, but I think it would take more time than I currently have available for maintenance. I’m not even sure where to get the previous version of WordPress.

Have you been experiencing this problem? If so, how did you solve it?

Note: I am a big fan of the plugin TinyMCE Advanced. I have been told that it can cause problems. Any comments you may have on these issues would be much appreciated.

Meanwhile….Happy New Year!

Kathleen Gresham

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