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WordPress Widget Woes!

Posted on October 31, 2008 by Kathleen

Am I the only one who hates the new WordPress widget management feature? I guess it is OK if you have just a two-column theme (only one column of widgets). But this theme, for example, has three columns just for widgets: upper left, upper right, and lower.

The upper left and upper right columns have to be balanced to keep from leaving gaping holes in the layout. So now and then I have to move items back and forth. The old way was slow. The new way is horrible!

You can see all the widgets at once, in a list on the left of the widget management page, but you can only view one column of your page layout at at time. To move a widget from one column to another, instead of just dragging it (the old way), now you have to Remove it from one column, switch column views, and then Add it to the other.

In the old way you could not see how much space each widget would occupy (how many column inches), but you could see how many widgets were in each column, and with a good visual memory you could estimate. You could at least see all the columns at the same time.

Without seeing all the columns at once, I can’t remember what all is in each one (especially once I start moving things around). So now it’s just a lot harder to make even simple changes in the arrangement of the widgets. For me, anyway.

I can’t even imagine why anyone thought this was a better way to manage widgets. How about you?

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