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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 20, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Charles asks…

How do you change your WordPress background/theme?

I have downloaded the theme but I have no idea on how to change my blog`s theme!!!! Please help…. I`ll choose ur answer as the best if you help me!

Blog Design Journal answers:

First of all download the theme to your hard drive. Unzip it.
Then with an FTP software upload the unzipped directory to the wp-content/themes
Then go to WP administration console and go to “PRESENTATION” option. There it must show your available themes and you can select the one you uploaded.



Thomas asks…

I am looking for a good domain name for my blog?

Hi I have a pearl jewelry and gift website and am looking for a catchy name for my blog. The theme of the site is “affordable jewelry and gifts for all occasions” so I am not limited to bridal although a lot of my customers are future brides. Any ideas?

Blog Design Journal answers:

I have used a site called SquadHelp.com
You can hosts contests where people submit domain ideas to you.
You can get hundreds of ideas for your domain name.
You set your own prize amount.
This is really worth the effort, and besides it is fun.
I don’t know you could give it a try.
It worked for me!

Sandra asks…

I need help changing my theme on my blog using wordpress.?

I have set up a domain and have the basic WordPress on there through the package I bought with Yahoo. On the change theme page, it shows the basic like 6 themes that WordPress offers and at the bottom it says that I can browse other themes – then all I need to do is upload them and they will be there next time I log in. I have clicked download on 2 that I like but I really have no idea what to do. I don’t know what to open in my wordpress or either of those themes to make them show up as options for my blog theme.

Please help – I am clueless about webdesign and think I’ve gotten in over my head.
thank you for the link…. um I don’t even know how to unzip a folder and the wordpress that I downloaded is just a box with a bunch of icons on the top, I can’t really see the tabs or whatever that are referred to.. did I possibly not download the correct thing?

Blog Design Journal answers:

In the control panel look in the left-hand column and click on Appearance. You should then see a bunch of small pictures of the blog themes you already have installed.

Click Themes, and a little menu appears under the word Theme in the left-hand column.

Click Add New, and you will be offered a way to search for themes of different colors, etc. When you find one you like, instead of downloading it, click Install, and it will be installed on your computer and appear among the installed themes.

This is all much easier to do than to describe. Just play around with it. You cannot break WordPress. Just don’t Delete anything till you have more experience.

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