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Auto Blogger Samurai Review:

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Auto Blog Samurai is a website generation software package that was created by Paul Ponna and launched in late 2010. It’s the perfect solution for autobloggers or people wanting to set up niche site blogs simply and easily. The sales page says that you can have a robot build site in up and running in 11 minutes.

The video training and software streamlines the website or blog construction process using free access platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Each mini site is SEO optimized which means that you can start attracting free search traffic and have it all running virtually on autopilot.

The beauty of simple blogs is that you can set up one, optimize and monetize it and then move on to the next site. You will be able to build a massive army of mini-sites all generation traffic on their own and affiliate commissions along the way. All you need is for each site to generate just a little revenue and then if you have a lot of sites, which is the goal of autoblogging, then each revenue stream will compound and multiply.

The training videos cover everything from:

  • Setting up the mini-site
  • Creating and setting up accounts, such as domains, hosting
  • Setting up affiliate accounts, such as Clickbank for information products or Amazon.com for physical products
  • Adding content to your mini-site
  • Configuring the affiliate links
  • Launching the site on autopilot

Paul Ponna has been around for years and has developed other popular products, such as Miracle series software with Article Bot,  Bookmaking Bot and Video Bot. The Magic List Builder, Twitter List Builder, My Pop-up series. Mr. Ponna is respected with a solid resume.

The Auto Blog Samurai Suite includes:

  • WordPress Samurai
  • Blogger Samurai
  • Content Samurai Content
  • Premium automation content

Mr. Ponna promises that the software and tutorials are so well conceived that you need no technical skills, you don’t have to be young and you don’t have to worry about complicated WordPress plug-ins. Every site will be keyword ready for search engine optimization and ready to start building email lists.

The word on the street regarding Auto Blog Samurai is pretty good and, as mentioned Paul Ponna has a solid reputation for creating quality “set and forget” software. This package can be purchased for a one-time $77 and includes the software with video tutorials as well as a PDF manual which is great for referencing. The Premium content is an additional $37 after the first month.

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