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Keep Blogging!!

Posted on October 28, 2012 by GuestBlogger
Many people wonder what the secret behind writing successful blogs is. A successful blogger has a sense of magicians mystery around him. At first look, it seems as simple as writing good content but soon you realize that although words are the building blocks of a blog, they are not the whole dish.
If you analyze carefully, you will realize that there is no fixed style or pattern of writing a blog. There are popular bloggers with all talk & no fun and equally successful bloggers who work on the I dont give a damn attitude.
Some blogs run the entire length of page, while others can pass as footnotes. Its all individualistic style, and this is what makes blogging mysterious and exciting.To master the art of blog writing you must first understand whats a blog really is.
Blogging is different from articles, way different. An article is topic based while a blog is thought based. When you sit down to write an article you have a message that you want to put across. There is a preconceived layout that you have in mind that forms the structure of your writing.

Thats not the case with blogs. Blogs flow like feelings. Yes you have a thing you aim to blog about but its more of a direction, how & what are spontaneous.

Another thing to keep in mind is the purpose behind blogs or in other words why people read your blogs. The reason why some celebrity blogs are extremely popular is that people get to know the opinions of their favorite stars on various topics. It gives them a sense of getting a personal touch with the ones they look up to.

There is no doubt that blogs that are well written get much higher leverage but then thats not what draws the crowd initially. Unfortunately, you and I are no celebs. No matter how much our mom thinks that we are the best thing to happen thing to this world, we are nobody for more that 99% of the people around.

Therefore, we have to flip the coin and put our art of writing above our not-that-pretty faces. One has to very intelligently express opinions on topics of common interest with a personal touch, and do it repeatedly till people queue up to hear from you.

In life there is no substitute for hard work. The same applies here. You have to write & write more. You must be everywhere. You are a known blogger when people start recognizing you from your name; you are a star blogger when people start recognizing you from your style. A famous musician once said It took me 10 years to become an overnight star. So start your journey towards blogging heights and keep walking, oh! I mean, keep blogging!

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