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What makes bloggers tick?

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Why blog? Why do bloggers take the trouble? It would be interesting to find out the factors that lead them to gleefully expend considerable investments of time, energy, effort and money on their blogging activities.

The chance to make some moolah? Oh certainly, the money element is a big inducement for many bloggers, but is it the right response to the question: What makes people blog?

I am not convinced about this. The money is most agreeable, of course, and is a crucial concern for the rapidly growing number of people who are going in for the autonomy of online income over the anguishs of “orthodox” jobs.

When we talk about regular jobs, we are alluding to the kind of jobs that compel you to:
– labor for 12 hours daily between 9 am and 5 pm;
– work yourself to the bone for eight days a week between Sunday to Saturday;
– get cracked lips smacking your supervisors’ south ends regularly;
– get wrenched wrists backstabbing your rivals every now and then;
– get blistered feet stomping on your flunkies regularly;
– get maltreated by economic slumps: lose your homes, your kids’ college education nest-egg and your dignity.

By independence of online income you may infer the type of financial situation that is unconstrained by individual and corporate whimsies and vagaries and is relatively safe from economic tides.

There, I have just brought up the one key factor that eggs on all the people wafting away from job earnings to online income. Just to explain the connection: successful, blogging can be a major online wellspring of income. There are bloggers who make hundreds of dollars every month, bloggers who make thousands of dollars every month and bloggers who make tens of thousands of dollars every month.

So there: the money is important, and from this outlook, the question is not why blog. It is, why not blog?

Equally important, though, is the gratification bloggers get from blogging: the gratification of reaching out to the world with information of quality through an handy dissemination means that is easily created and maintained, is minimally cost-intensive, has massive potential for consumer market penetration and offers opportunities to use all four forms of media: text, audio, video and graphic.

At least, that’s how it has been for me. I am a would-be best selling author and a consummate procrastinator. For many years now, I have been just about to start writing my opus very shortly. Blogging lets me vent. One more answer to the question: why do people blog.

If you dig deeper, you will find that bloggers blog for a variety of reasons. As a rule, all of these reasons can be sorted under either the heading “personal” or the heading “commercial”.

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