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Why We Should Subscribe to Other Blogs?

Posted on May 08, 2010 by GuestBlogger

Have you ever thought, why we subscribe our favorite blog RSS into our email accounts and RSS Readers? Don’t know the answer; keep on reading what I have to say on it.

As far as I’m concerned, I had subscribed to 100′s of blog in my blog niche and here are some of my motives solved due to that:

By subscribing to top blogs in my industry, I stay updated with all latest happenings and bloggers reaction.
By subscribing to them, all of their latest posts are accessible to me in my account. So I’m can keep track of what is being covered by various bloggers in my niche recently.
By looking at some of latest posts into my RSS Readers and email accounts, I’m actually go to the actual posts that really interest me and leave some comments of mine there. So this helps me to get some valuable links, readers and traffic to my blog.

When we spend some time going though our favorite blogs, it gives us ideas about drafting our next blog post on many occasions.

When we go through the latest blog posts from our favorite blogs, can submit them on some of social networks where we are active like on our Twitter account, Facebook account or on some social Bookmarking websites like Digg, delicious, Reddit etc.

On some occasions, we may link to some of blog posts written by other blogs when creating a new post for our blogs if linking to those blogs adds more value to our post.

Suppose, I’m writing a post about how to use Yahoo Buzz, then people will also be interested in knowing how to add Yahoo Buzz buttons in our blogger and wordpress blogs.┬áSo if any blogger has written a manual about adding Yahoo Buzz buttons to Blogger and WordPress blog, you can include links to those pages for adding more value in your post.

There must be some blogs in your niche whom you are competing with. By subscribing their RSS, you can stay updated with the amount of content they are placing on their website so that you can plan your content strategy accordingly.

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Anil Gupta writes about lots of interesting topics like
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