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Become a Blogger

Posted on July 09, 2009 by GuestBlogger

1. Perpetually tag your content. Tagging can be a extensive way to classify your posts and will give you an edge over at Technorati.

2. Command a niche market. Choose a niche in which you have some experience or that which you are willing to learn. Can you continue writing for over 2 or 3 years on the topic? If so you found the sweet spot.

3. Submit (Bookmark) your posts to Digg, Technorati, Flickr (Flickr is a service offered by yahoo for uploading and sharing cartoon. Don’t get confused with flicker.com which surprisingly yahoo has not yet bought), Del.icio.us, Stumble Upon and other such sites to increase traffic to your blogging blog.

Submitting your articles to these and other such social networking sites will increase the number of individuals who shall view your content leading to an enlargement in traffic to your site. Enable your readers to bookmark your posts to such sites as well. There is a neat trick to bookmarking which you will find here.4. Readers search for blogging blog through tags. However, search engines push traffic to your blogs. Hence, not paying attention either one will cost you dearly in terms of traffic. 10 words must be the maximum size of your title tag.

5. Make it a mark to update your blogging blog regularly. You can lose your hard earned reader base very quickly if u do not post good quality posts to your blogging blog on a formal basis. Regular posting helps in not just retaining your reader base but also improving it as word spreads about the quality of your blogging blog on the web.

6. Scour the web for good quality content from other blogs related to your niche. This will keep you in the good books of other bloggers who will not hesitate to quote u and provide a link to your blogging blog to their readers. Do not hesitate. Become a blogger now

7. Spice things up by providing good and relevant photographs, presentations and videos along with text. This enhances the value of content on your blogging blog and will increase traffic to your blogging blog. If you notice the affiliate blog by Shawn Collins, you see that most of his posts are composed of videos which are rightly done. Having videos gives you the advantage of getting viewers from sites like YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion etc.

8. Add content to your blog intelligently. Try to give definitive answers to questions related to your niche with your recent blog post. This is the best way to quickly increase popularity of your blog as u would have done what no other blogger in your niche succeeded in doing.

Try answering one of your reader questions. This will spark of a communication between the readers and the author and also raise a sense of community within the blog. Earn money with forex trading tips

9. Find out which posts fetch you the maximum traffic. look at what you wrote in the blog post. If you did something different, then it has obviously helped bring more traffic to your site.

10. Do update your old posts once in a while. Search engine likes to see fresh blog post added on and when you do an update you not only give new fodder for search engines but also provide value to your readers. Your reader might be reading the post you wrote back in 2001 in “present year”. Having a sentence “Updated in 2009 with so and so” gives the reader a feel of your dedication.

It is natural to make the mistake of taking your self too seriously when you become successful. You might find instances where you took rigid stances at the cost of your readers. This does not mean you should avoid topics of high emotional value.

However, handling even such topics dispassionately will help you get appreciated by your readers. Hence, not only do you avoid losing readers but this approach will help you actually pull more traffic to your blog.

11. Successful bloggers often find themselves in the happy position where a particular post attracts a lot of traffic. Do not become complacent when this happens. Rather, add even better posts to the blog to convert your latest readers into permanent traffic for your blog.

12. The basic purpose of a blog is to communicate with people. If you are scared of revealing too much information and if you would prefer to keep all that you know about your niche close to your heart, just give blogging a skip. However, if you are going to blog, make it a point to reveal as much as you know in each blog.

Readers are quick to recognize when a person is adding hitherto unknown aspects and facets of the niche. Your blog shall be rewarded with a lot of traffic for your blog post.

13. It is one thing to provide comprehensive information on a topic blog post. However, it is a completely different thing to present information in boring manner. This will help you pull additional traffic to your blog.

Become a blogger

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