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BlogRush Category Update

Posted on November 03, 2007 by Kathleen

I just reread the message that appears in the blog category area of the BlogRush dashboard. What they are saying seems to be that if they don’t think your post fits into the subcategory you selected, they move it to the General category.

That’s better than not displaying it in the widget at all, but it still leaves the problem of not having enough subcategories. And, of course, there is still the problem of some blogs either not fitting in any category or fitting a little bit in several but not well enough in any. How to choose?

And why won’t they allow us to just select a main category to begin with instead of making us choose from their few, often inappropriate subcategories?

Hopefully they will keep expanding and revising the blog category scheme till they get it right. Until then, what is your strategy if you have blogs that do not fit?

1 to “BlogRush Category Update”

  1. turnip says:

    I usually switch my category daily to match the subject matter of my post each day. On November 2nd they updated their categories, and things are better now.

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