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Can Real Traffic Exchange Help?

Posted on November 30, 2007 by Kathleen

I’m currently trying out a service called Real Traffic Exchange. It puts text ads on your site with links to other sites. Your ad for your site, in turn, is shown on other sites in the Real Traffic system. These do not compete with Google Adsense, so you can have both on the same page without violating the Adsense terms of service.

To see how the ads will appear, scroll down and look below the tag cloud on the right-hand side of this page. Nice, eh? The ads can be customized to some extent, and I like them.

And there is no cost to join or use the service. You can buy extra ads if you want to. That could be a good way to launch a new blog.

I have not analyzed the results yet, and I’ll let you know when I do. Meanwhile, you may want to give Real Traffic a try for promoting your blogs and other websites.

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