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Earn Free Traffic With Footer Ads

Posted on August 29, 2007 by Blog Design Journal

Today I ran across a site that offers free traffic to your blog or website in a very nice way. (You do not get bombarded with emails.) Instead, here’s how it works:

You paste some code, supplied by the company, Footer Ads, into the footer of your blog or website. That displays to visitors a strip of text ads at the bottom of your page, which they can close after reading.

In return, you earn credits to use to display your own text ads on other sites. Your visitors do not have to click on the ads or buy anything for you to get credit. They just have to visit your site.

The ads look like Adsense, Yahoo or MSN ads, but they are not embedded. The user can click and close the ad window like the one that appeared at the bottom of this page after the page loaded. (To close the ad window, click the X button in the lower right corner.)

I like the fact that you don’t have to distort your blog design to make room for the ads.

The catch is that to be able to change the colors of the ads (as in Adsense, for example), you have to upgrade to paid status. Luckily the colors more or less harmonize with this blog and are tolerable for now on the other blog I’m trying them on, Talk Like a Texan.

If this experiment works well, I’ll upgrade, blend the ads, and use them on my other sites.

Also, you can buy extra ad credit in the form of thousands of impressions during a set a period of time, such as a month or a week. So instead of permanently upgrading (and paying a monthly fee), you can just buy a bunch of impressions. It looks like you could buy extra credits for a product launch and then return to free ad status afterward.

There’s an affiliate program that pays 5% to free members. You’ll see a button in the right-hand column of this page for “Free Text Ads. I’m trying that out, too. The commission is higher for paid members—up to 20%, as I recall.

So what do you think?

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