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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Text Marketing

Posted on January 10, 2010 by Kathleen

Text messaging on a mobile phone

Text messaging on a mobile phone

Want to drive more traffic to your blog? Here is an effective way to get blog visitors that you may not have thought of: a text messaging service.

A hot topic in the Internet marketing world right now is the generation gap between young users. More and more Internet users avoid email as much as possible. They prefer text messaging, Twitter and Facebook, unlike the “older” generation who prefer email.

Text messaging is huge, and you can use it to drive traffic to your blog.

A new mobile marketing site called 84444.com allows you to set up interactive text message marketing campaigns from your computer that can send traffic back to your site from the huge market of mobile texters. Think about how you can use that for SEO/SEM!

Using the self-service system at 84444.com and an existing list, you can direct customers to a particular website in real time. This is instant traffic!

Want to see how it works? Text the keyword LENS to 84444 (the short code) to get a discount on eye glasses.

Want to try it out—for free? You can get a free trial account (no contract, no setup fees) and set up a free trial campaign that allows you to send 25 free text messages.

With mobile marketing, you can set up sweepstakes, polls, and other interactive activities and send mobile coupons that can be used on line or in person.

As always with blog promotion, the only limit is your own imagination (as long as you stay with in the terms of use of the participating service providers and the applicable laws).

Clearly you also need to be sensitive to text user needs and preferences. Do not spam. Tightly target users with offers they will be glad to receive.

I’m excited about text marketing for traffic. I have not only set up a trial account; I have also signed up to be an affiliate.

For more information on the interactive text marketing industry and more ideas on how you might use text marketing to get traffic for your blog, you should read the Text Message Blog, which reports on mobile marketing.

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