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WordPress for Business Bloggers: Promote and Grow your WordPress Blog with Advanced Plug-ins, Analytics, Advertising, and SEO

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
WordPress for Business Bloggers book

WordPress for Business Bloggers

WordPress for Business Bloggers shows how to make your business blog different from the crowd and attractive to your target audience by implementing the features of WordPress.

This book is for current users of the WordPress platform who want to get the most out of WordPress to manage business/professional blogs. It is not an introduction to WordPres.

It does not cover basics such as installation or creating posts and pages, configuring blog settings, etc. Readers are expected to have a WordPress blog or to be in the advanced stages of planning one.

The book is aimed at managers of business/professional blogs, which broadly fall into four categories:

 * Professional Expert Blogs – owned by individuals who blog in their area of expertise to increase their personal exposure and standing.

 * Corporate Blogs – owned by companies that blog to reach customers and encourage closer relationships, sales, and referrals.

 * Online News Sources / Magazines – blogs that provide content on particular topics, funded by ads.

 * Campaign Blogs – not-for-profit blogs run by charities or “causes”, designed to promote ideas or encourage certain behaviors.

Non-business bloggers will also find the book useful if they want to take their WordPress skills beyond the basics.

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2 to “WordPress for Business Bloggers: Promote and Grow your WordPress Blog with Advanced Plug-ins, Analytics, Advertising, and SEO”

  1. Todd Hawley says:

    Nicely Done This book explains how to take your WordPress blog and turn it into something special, a blog that sets it apart from the tens of thousands of other blogs online. Using as its example the “Chiliguru” blog, Mr Thewlis explains how to produce a blog that readers will take notice of and read every time you post new content. He starts with the basics, like setting your goals for the blog, designing it, incorporating image and video files, then goes on to offer “blog writing tips.” With so many bloggers, it’s important to incorporate good writing into your blog. Even though he stresses there aren’t any “set rules” to blogging, few people will read a blog that is boring or poorly written.Search engine optimization is a hot topic in the blogosphere these days and Mr Thewlis devotes an entire chapter to this topic, discussing keywords, permalinks, tags and site maps. He also touches upon other ways of promoting your blog, how to analyze your blog stats, and more importantly ways of making money from your blog. There are also lots of good screen shots throughout that help explain different procedures.I found this to be a highly enjoyable book. It’s clear Mr Thewlis put a lot of effort into showing the reader how to create a stand-out business blog.

  2. gypsytu "Tony" says:

    This is the first book on web building that got me excited about what I was learning! I have purchased and studied many technical books, this is the first book I felt a need to write a review. I find it well organized and understandable. The information concerning plug ins and the proper process is extremely valuable. I have only read about half way through the book, but I understand more about WordPress than I thought possible. The ability shown how to design the blog on your own computer and then upload it to your host is priceless. I highly recommend this book!

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