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Boost Your Image: Bass Buds 2012 Collection In-Ear Headset with Mic at $30 Off 0

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
Bass Buds 2012 Collection in-ear headset with Swarovski crystal

Bass Buds 2012 Collection in-ear headset with Swarovski crystal

Let’s face it. Part of your image as a hip, avant garde blog designer depends on having a cool smartphone and up-to-the-minute accessories. It does.

So how about an in-ear headphone with microphone that looks like jewelry and is driven by Crystaltronics sound technology? I thought so. And what if that trendy headset looks like equally trendy jewelry? Perfect.

Bass Buds 2012 Collection earbuds are premium in-ear headsets that fit all smart phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players and more. And they take earbud luxury to a new level.

Not only is the sound great with Crystaltronics technology. They also have built in control and a tiny, unobtrusive microphone.

But there are 20 color combinations to choose from. The buds themselves are set with clear Swarovski crystals. I guess they represent the crystal clear sound.

Mine are white with cords that look like sterling silver snake chain. Really, truly gorgeous! Of course there are about a dozen more colors I want….

Bass Buds 2012 Collection earbuds in red

Bass Buds 2012 Collection earbuds in red

Every Bass Buds 2012 Collection set comes with three different kinds of ear pieces: matching memory foam, white silicone, and black rubbery stuff—and each of those sets comes in three sizes. So you can mix and match for the perfect fit. They are all soft and comfortable.

Bass Buds Packaging

Bass Buds Packaging

So your buds can fit exactly the way you want them to. And there’s a velvet drawstring bag to carry and store them all in.

Beware, though, there is also a tiny, glamorous catalog showing all the different colors. You will probably find yourself lusting after a whole bunch of the colors. I know I did.

So at this time of year it would be remiss of me not to point out what great gifts these make. And they come in a very cool gift box like the jewelry they sort of are. All the colors are beautiful and stylish, so you can’t go wrong. Whoever gets them will love you!

Save $30 on each pair you buy from now till December 25 with this discount code: BB59800 at http://www.BassBuds.net/ 

You’re welcome!

Capture an Event While Entertaining Attendees 0

Posted on October 18, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

People love photos! The success of sites like Facebook and Pinterest prove it, as if we didn’t already know.

Do you remember the fun you had taking pictures in photo booths as a teenager? Most people do. That’s why photo booths are a big hit at parties, festivals, weddings, and other events. People simply love them.

If you are planning a wedding reception or a birthday bash, the benefits are obvious. But photo booths have business applications, too.

Modern photo booths by Capture Pod offer a host of new features that leave the photo booths of your childhood standing in the dust. Now you can add special effects before printing the photos, the quality is now very high, and you can choose between black-and-white and color photos. You can even choose how many photos, usually two to five, are printed for each shot.

Capture pods are bigger than the old-fashioned photo booths. So they allow more people in each shot. They are curved and prettier inside. And they are stylish looking on the outside.

They can display advertising on the outside, and you can have a message or company logo printed on the photos. Are you starting to see the possibilities? You can find out more about them at http://www.capturepod.com

Besides renting a Capture Pod photo booth for special events, you can buy one, put it in the right location, and make profits from the photos. You can even make renting photo booths your business—or an addition to a business like event planning or party rentals.

Can you imagine the benefits in good will of providing a branded Capture Pod at a charity event or festival? It is great PR and could be used to collect donations or enough fees to pay moving, setup, supplies and attendant.

What does all this have to do with blog design? Well, maybe not a lot. But many of us have multiple responsibilities: social media, PR, and event planning.

In the business world, blog publishing is usually part of an overall effort to promote products or services. Sometimes we plan and run the same events that we cover in our business blogs.

Photos are content. And a photo booth can be the centerpiece of a promotional effort. It provides ready made content in the form of photos and a locus for getting quick quotes from event attendees. It’s a party within the party.

Set up a Capture Pod anywhere, and you create a mini event that you can capitalize on in dozens of ways. Anytime, anywhere you need to get attention and create some buzz. And then blog about it.

I Love New York for Design Inspiration! 0

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

I love New York! Don’t you?

For artists and designers especially, New York is a treasure trove of museums, art galleries, and colorful scenes. Even the trendy restaurants in SoHo are full of design ideas. They are always ahead of the national trends.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always inspiring. And the museum shop offers all kinds of inspiration and gifts to take home.

Cooper’s Union probably is probably my favorite design museum, though. Besides the featured exhibits, they have a wonderful fashion history collection.

From the Cloisters, in its beautiful parklike setting on Riverside Drive, to the Guggenheim, where the architecture itself is a work of art, New York never fails to entertain artists and designers. From one visit, you can bring back enough fresh ideas to last for a year.

To me Central Park is magical. I’m not sure why. It is a lovely park, with some nice sculptures here and there, but I think part of its charm is the contrast with the tall buildings that surround it.

Broadway shows are fun, but I also love the little shops on and around Broadway, like the Ballet Shop and a host of others. I even like the little grocery stores, maybe 10 feet wide, where you ask for what you want, and the proprietors dash around behind the counter, gathering your order.

For a writer, lunch or tea at the Algonquin Hotel is obligatory. You can easily imagine Dorothy Parker and her friends chatting, laughing and inspiring each other over coffee or cocktails.

We like to fly into JFK. It’s close to Manhattan, and you can stay in nearby hotels JFK airport for a lot less and use the money you save to buy all those must-have items at the museum stores. And for business travel it is so much more convenient to stay near the airport.

The last time I was in New York, I came out of the Met museum to find a colorful parade, celebrating some local holiday, passing by Central Park. People from all over the country had travelled to NYC to be in it, and I had never even heard of it.

See what I mean, New York is almost magical. It is always full of delightful surprises.

Girly Games for Girls? Yes, They Can Be Valuable. 0

Posted on October 04, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

I have to admit that lots of the games for little boys would not be appealing to most little girls. But I was really skeptical about online offers like Nail Games and Hello Kitty Games. So I decided to take a look anyway.

The truth is that in these days, we must get girls to play computer games so that they are comfortable enough with computers to compete in the modern world of work. Any kind of game that makes girls like computers is a good thing.

Of course, that is a generalization. Some girls do like boys’ games (though why should they have to?) and some girls simply love computers. For some girls, though, boys’ games are a turnoff that can make them reject computers until they get older, and that can be a mistake that can cost them dearly in later life.

So I tried out some free online games for girls, And I was pleasantly surprised.

It is not that I think there is a lot of real long-term value in choosing makeup and hair coloring for Avril Lavigne—though I have to admit it was sort of entertaining. It could also be a good lesson in how simply changing a few colors can change a person’s whole persona.

But what makes many of the games good for girls is the amount of creativity they encourage. Getting lured in by nail polish games (better to play on line than to breathe—and maybe spill—the real stuff), allows for free, safe fun that encourages creativity in choice of colors and patterns.

Playing coloring games, for example, can lead to a desire to do graphics. And that is a good thing.

There is nothing really profound about these games. They are not about math, science, history, or programming, for example. But there are quite a few games about time management, and that is a truly useful skill. Simply learning to make choices and deal with the results in running a pretend business is a good preparation for life.

From makeover games and Hello Kitty Rescue, girls may go on to graffiti games, for example, which are very close to logo design. Here is where creativity really takes hold, and any screen capture program can allow you to save the logos you create and use them in signs, stationery, and other programs as graphics.

I found this group, the graffiti games, the most appealing of all. Even adults can enjoy playing with these. (I bookmarked it to go back myself, in fact.)

It could be fun to get girls to compete with their friends for favorite graffiti name treatments and other graffiti art. Of all the games on the site, the graffiti games were the least girly. Boys would surely enjoy them, too.

Having seen what happens when girls are not encouraged to use computers for fun at a young age, even when they have computers available, I’m all in favor of getting girls to play any kind of games on line. Creative and time management games, though, seem the most valuable.

How about you? What have you observed about girls and their use of computers?  Is there a little girl that you could introduce to free online games for girls? If so, it might change her life. Please leave a comment and share your insights.

This post was brought to you by Dressica, free online games for girls.

What Does Your Office Style Say About Your Work? 0

Posted on June 25, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
Top view of hammered-copper bathroom sink 921

Top view of hammered-copper bathroom sink 921

When it comes to style, clients may not understand what makes one blog design better than another.All they know is what they like—and sometimes not even that.

But often the same client knows a lot about how to dress or about stylish office design. Even if they give no conscious thought to the correlation between your taste in office furnishings and your web design skills, you should.

Here is an example of something smart, practical and tasteful that could catch a client’s eye or simply speak for you and your taste and design skills on a strong but understated way. If you have a home office, or you have remodeled an office for your firm, including a private restroom for your own and clients’ use, what does it look like?

Side-top view of hammered copper sink 921.

Sometimes people skimp on the wrong things, and bathroom decor can be one of them. Something as simple as this copper bathroom sink could be the feature that speaks to clients (and potential clients) of your style, taste and originality in a very clever way.

The 921 oval single bowl topmount sink is made from 99% pure-mined copper. It is made in a single piece to provide a very strong and durable copper sink.

Copper is naturally antibacterial and stain resistant, great for small offices or busy households, because it is made of low-maintenance materials. The hammered finish stays looking great by hiding small scratches that occur with wear over time.

Bottom view of copper bathroom sink 921.

The sink’s overall dimensions are 17’ x 14” x 5 ¾” with the drain in the center. It requires an 18” minimum cabinet. Hand-crafted copper details add warmth and richness, and it harmonizes with almost any decor.

This is the kind of memorable, clever design feature that gives new and potential clients confidence in your taste and originality.And that can pay for itself many times over for years to come.

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Looking Good for the Holidays 0

Posted on December 21, 2011 by Blog Design Journal
How are your blogs looking? And how do you look while looking at them?
serious, subtle, creatively styled eyeglasses

Serious, subtle, creatively styled eyeglasses.

Festive? Fun? Or tired and bleary-eyed?

If you have been procrastinating about replacing lost glasses or about filling new prescriptions, go ahead and get them.

Working on line can be very tiring for the eyes. Taking good care of your eyes makes your blog design work easier and ultimately less time-consuming.

multicolored eyeglass frames say "I'm a creative person. I love to have fun!"

multicolored eyeglass frames say "I'm a creative person. I love to have fun!"

While you are at it, why not get some cheap, fun holiday-themed eyeglasses?

You can have spare glasses handy, amuse friends and clients, and enjoy a change just for fun.

Why not try red frames for Christmas, green for Yule, blue for Hanukkah, yellow, green or orange for Kwanzaa, and multicolor for New Years, Mardi Gras, and Chinese New Year? Imagine the possibilities.

To buy high-quality, stylish glasses inexpensively, you can buy them on line, direct from the manufacturer. ZENNI glasses, for example, are sold only on line, relying on word of mouth from happy customers instead of mall stores and advertising. So you can easily afford to buy different styles for different occasions.

Glasses can be a fashion statement, from casual to formal. They can also be used to create a signature look. Wear your favorite holiday colors, and your clients, friends and family will look forward to seeing what you come up with for each holiday.

Imagine the possibilities for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Halloween….See what I mean?

Stylish glasses frames can still be classic with just touch of extra color.

Stylish glasses can still be classic with just touch of extra color.

Eyeglasses are a necessity, but there is no reason not to also have fun with them. Be memorable. Be original. Show your creativity wherever you go. Be your own brand. But most of all, have fun with color and style. And now you can.

Take a look at ZenniOptical.com and then come back and comment to share your suggestions for holiday glasses styles. Tell us which ones you chose, and why.

Of course, they have a huge selection of classic styles, too. You can always just buy a pair or two for yourself and use the savings to buy your holiday gifts for others. We’ll never tell.

A Blog Designer’s Holiday Wish List 0

Posted on December 13, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

What kinds of things are on my holiday wish list as a blog designer? Not necessarily what you might think.

Most of us go ahead and buy whatever software and computer accessories we need to boost or uphold productivity, so my wish list contains things I may not really, actually need, but I just think would be fun or helpful to have.

I think the secret to getting some of these things as gifts is to send or post your wish list all over the place, along with a link to somewhere like Savings.com so that your significant other, parents, or other benefactors feel like they are getting even more bang for the buck by giving you a spectacular gift at a super savings.

And here is my blog design wish list for December 2011:

iPad 2 with 64GB and G4 connectivity

Super cool iPad case of some sort, preferably real leather

Styluses to go with the iPad. I want to draw directly on the screen.

iPhone lastest and greatest (nothing stays latest and greatest for long)

Super cool cases for the iPhone. You cannot have too many of these. I want different styles and colors for different occasions

Kindle Fire

Bluetooth headset (deluxe model)

High-capacity memory stick. I love those things, and the more storage space the better. You cannot have too many of them, especially if you are mobile.

Little robots and other desk toys. Just for fun and entertainment when writer’s block or design dearth sets in.

Some of these make great gifts to give others, too. Cases, for example, can range from formal and corporate to silly or glitzy or just plain wacky. The same person can enjoy using a variety of different cases at different times, for different purposes.

As you can see, the items on my wish list are generally not cheap, so it is a good thing that we can find great deals at Savings.com.

So what’s on your wish list? Come on, share! We might see some things we want to add to our own lists. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite gift and wish list items for this year.

You never know. You just might get them.

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