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A Blog Designer’s Holiday Wish List

Posted on December 13, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

What kinds of things are on my holiday wish list as a blog designer? Not necessarily what you might think.

Most of us go ahead and buy whatever software and computer accessories we need to boost or uphold productivity, so my wish list contains things I may not really, actually need, but I just think would be fun or helpful to have.

I think the secret to getting some of these things as gifts is to send or post your wish list all over the place, along with a link to somewhere like Savings.com so that your significant other, parents, or other benefactors feel like they are getting even more bang for the buck by giving you a spectacular gift at a super savings.

And here is my blog design wish list for December 2011:

iPad 2 with 64GB and G4 connectivity

Super cool iPad case of some sort, preferably real leather

Styluses to go with the iPad. I want to draw directly on the screen.

iPhone lastest and greatest (nothing stays latest and greatest for long)

Super cool cases for the iPhone. You cannot have too many of these. I want different styles and colors for different occasions

Kindle Fire

Bluetooth headset (deluxe model)

High-capacity memory stick. I love those things, and the more storage space the better. You cannot have too many of them, especially if you are mobile.

Little robots and other desk toys. Just for fun and entertainment when writer’s block or design dearth sets in.

Some of these make great gifts to give others, too. Cases, for example, can range from formal and corporate to silly or glitzy or just plain wacky. The same person can enjoy using a variety of different cases at different times, for different purposes.

As you can see, the items on my wish list are generally not cheap, so it is a good thing that we can find great deals at Savings.com.

So what’s on your wish list? Come on, share! We might see some things we want to add to our own lists. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite gift and wish list items for this year.

You never know. You just might get them.

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