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Girly Games for Girls? Yes, They Can Be Valuable.

Posted on October 04, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

I have to admit that lots of the games for little boys would not be appealing to most little girls. But I was really skeptical about online offers like Nail Games and Hello Kitty Games. So I decided to take a look anyway.

The truth is that in these days, we must get girls to play computer games so that they are comfortable enough with computers to compete in the modern world of work. Any kind of game that makes girls like computers is a good thing.

Of course, that is a generalization. Some girls do like boys’ games (though why should they have to?) and some girls simply love computers. For some girls, though, boys’ games are a turnoff that can make them reject computers until they get older, and that can be a mistake that can cost them dearly in later life.

So I tried out some free online games for girls, And I was pleasantly surprised.

It is not that I think there is a lot of real long-term value in choosing makeup and hair coloring for Avril Lavigne—though I have to admit it was sort of entertaining. It could also be a good lesson in how simply changing a few colors can change a person’s whole persona.

But what makes many of the games good for girls is the amount of creativity they encourage. Getting lured in by nail polish games (better to play on line than to breathe—and maybe spill—the real stuff), allows for free, safe fun that encourages creativity in choice of colors and patterns.

Playing coloring games, for example, can lead to a desire to do graphics. And that is a good thing.

There is nothing really profound about these games. They are not about math, science, history, or programming, for example. But there are quite a few games about time management, and that is a truly useful skill. Simply learning to make choices and deal with the results in running a pretend business is a good preparation for life.

From makeover games and Hello Kitty Rescue, girls may go on to graffiti games, for example, which are very close to logo design. Here is where creativity really takes hold, and any screen capture program can allow you to save the logos you create and use them in signs, stationery, and other programs as graphics.

I found this group, the graffiti games, the most appealing of all. Even adults can enjoy playing with these. (I bookmarked it to go back myself, in fact.)

It could be fun to get girls to compete with their friends for favorite graffiti name treatments and other graffiti art. Of all the games on the site, the graffiti games were the least girly. Boys would surely enjoy them, too.

Having seen what happens when girls are not encouraged to use computers for fun at a young age, even when they have computers available, I’m all in favor of getting girls to play any kind of games on line. Creative and time management games, though, seem the most valuable.

How about you? What have you observed about girls and their use of computers?  Is there a little girl that you could introduce to free online games for girls? If so, it might change her life. Please leave a comment and share your insights.

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