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What Does Your Office Style Say About Your Work?

Posted on June 25, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
Top view of hammered-copper bathroom sink 921

Top view of hammered-copper bathroom sink 921

When it comes to style, clients may not understand what makes one blog design better than another.All they know is what they like—and sometimes not even that.

But often the same client knows a lot about how to dress or about stylish office design. Even if they give no conscious thought to the correlation between your taste in office furnishings and your web design skills, you should.

Here is an example of something smart, practical and tasteful that could catch a client’s eye or simply speak for you and your taste and design skills on a strong but understated way. If you have a home office, or you have remodeled an office for your firm, including a private restroom for your own and clients’ use, what does it look like?

Side-top view of hammered copper sink 921.

Sometimes people skimp on the wrong things, and bathroom decor can be one of them. Something as simple as this copper bathroom sink could be the feature that speaks to clients (and potential clients) of your style, taste and originality in a very clever way.

The 921 oval single bowl topmount sink is made from 99% pure-mined copper. It is made in a single piece to provide a very strong and durable copper sink.

Copper is naturally antibacterial and stain resistant, great for small offices or busy households, because it is made of low-maintenance materials. The hammered finish stays looking great by hiding small scratches that occur with wear over time.

Bottom view of copper bathroom sink 921.

The sink’s overall dimensions are 17’ x 14” x 5 ¾” with the drain in the center. It requires an 18” minimum cabinet. Hand-crafted copper details add warmth and richness, and it harmonizes with almost any decor.

This is the kind of memorable, clever design feature that gives new and potential clients confidence in your taste and originality.And that can pay for itself many times over for years to come.

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