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Blogging Tips – Design it in Your Head First

Posted on November 07, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

A lot of beginning bloggers sit there and stare at their newly created masterpiece and scratch their collective heads wondering what to do next. Do I put this here or there? Do I include this or not? It’s enough to drive you crazy. Well, there is a simple solution to this problem. Design the blog layout in your head first. Then, transferring that design to the actual blog should be a piece of cake…provided you’re using a flexible enough blogging platform. So let’s tackle that first.

In my opinion, you can’t beat WordPress. There are more themes and layouts than you can shake a stick at. It is probably the most flexible piece of content management you’re going to find anywhere. I personally have over a half dozen WordPress blogs. I strongly recommend them if you’re going to have the best chance of transferring your thoughts into reality. But okay, how do we actually execute this process? The following is what I have found to be the best system.

Go out on the Internet and take a look at other blogs in YOUR niche. The reason you want to confine the search to your niche is because you want to see what the topped ranked blogs look like. Trust me, each niche has its own look, especially when you’re talking about the top ranked blogs in the SERPs. Don’t get lazy on this one. It’s going to take some time and effort but it is more than worth it.

After you’ve taken a look at some of the top blogs, get yourself a piece of drawing paper and start outlining your blog on it. Draw a header and whatever columns you think you’re going to need. If you’re planning to have multiple pages such as about me, contact, articles and so on, include them in your outline. If you’re going to use AdSense on the blog, map out where you want the blocks to show up. If you’re going to have an opt in form, map out where you want that to be. Make sure you go over every item that you want to appear on your blog.

After you’ve mapped the whole thing out on paper, only THEN do you go to your admin area and start constructing your blog layout. This way, you’re not groping around in the dark. You know exactly what you want and where you want it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you end up putting your blog together using this system.

There is no need to sit around scratching your head wondering what to do with your blog. Design it in your head first and you’ll have no trouble transforming your thoughts into reality.

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