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Good Blog Design Helps Sell Your Message

Posted on August 16, 2007 by Blog Design Journal

I decided to start this blog because I keep seeing blogs that are not only unreadable (annoyingly or even painfully difficult to read) but even illegible. What is the point of having a blog that looks pretty or fashionable—that most people won’t bother to read?

With a degree in journalism, a minor in graphic design, and years of experience in book design, publishing, and advertising, I know that the purpose of design is to communicate. When it comes to print advertising or even web design of HTML sites, I know how to do that. Working with PHP scripts is still a challenge.

The right blog design sets the right mood and can lend credibility to your message. (Right now this blog is a case in point, since the design is still primitive. But wait, and you’ll see it improve.)

To see a much simpler blog of mine, go see Talk Like a Texan. That was the first [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] blog I ever tried. While minimalist (a slight modification of the default theme), it is easy to read and conveys the atmosphere I wanted.

I hope you will come back often and watch [tag-tec]Blog Design Journal[/tag-tec] get better. The design of this blog will continually change as I learn how to control WordPress. Meanwhile, do as I say, not necessarily as I do, while I’m learning to make [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] do what I want.

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