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The 3 Problems With Blog Design Templates

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

When you start to promote your writing or website with the use of blogging, you’ll find that there are a variety of problems that arise. For some, the problems usually are of a contextual nature, meaning writer’s block sets in, or certain things make it hard to come up with fresh options to post. Others find the problems rise in the form of creative opinion changes or promotional considerations that aren’t quite high in a lot of ways. Another set of problems arises when you choose to utilize blog design templates, whether free or paid for. The problems that are associated with these are hard to see when you’re a novice, but you can see the problems arise when you start to try and place them in your site. Consider the following 3 problems associated with blog design templates, and you’ll understand what we mean.

Scalability – The first thing that most people don’t realize is that the average blog design template is not made for all businesses. If you need a massive template that has lots of advertising space and widgets, you might not find options. Now, if you find a good overall template, and you install it, you might not be able to scale it to fit your needs. Some designers make templates so that you can’t change code or different areas.

Hidden Areas – Technology professionals are interesting people. They often times write code that has many hidden areas, so that you can tell it’s their code. The idea of signature style coding is something that runs rampant amongst technology professionals, and when you buy a design template from one of these narcissistic type of coders, you’ll see it in the way your code is layered throughout the different pages.

Code Structures – The next big thing to look into is the way the code is written. You’ll find that many blogs require php and html, but some pages are written in either out dated code, or code that is vulnerable to breaks. You will see that there is not only proper code, but also breakaway code that is made, causing major problems for those that are unfamiliar with troubleshooting.

The above 3 problems with blog design templates is something that many people don’t really understand. When you’re just trying to promote your business, you’ll find that getting a professional design is important, but just keep your eyes open for problematic areas that can mire the process of promotional consideration.

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