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Tips for Improving your Blog Design

Posted on March 03, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Having a blog with great content and a regular stream of visitors is every blogger’s dream. While quality and engaging content does translate regular subscribers, this can go a step further with a good blog design. There are a fair number of blogs out there which in spite of being a gold mine lose out to blogs which are well designed for better readability and sharing.

The reason is most blogs are designed without considering the finer design aspects which lead to a better reading and social experience. Free themes for changing a blogs “skin” can be easily applied with just a click of the mouse.  But how does one decide if the theme is right for your blog?

Themes, fonts and colors: The theme design and color scheme is imperative to make that vital first impression on your readers. Any blog post that comes with an image as part of the theme design enables readers to easily relate to what the author is writing about. For example, an attorney’s blog with a black and white theme design looks professional up front.

Navigation: A sidebar with menus, buttons and search options makes it easier to search through the various posts. Providing links to your popular blog posts on the home page enables you to highlight your best. Similarly, an inter-page linking format helps readers to easily browse through your earlier posts. This provides convenience to readers as well as better search engine rankings.

Call-to-action: The call-to-action feature needs to be prominent on each page of your blog. Make the process as simple as possible asking for just an email ID with the assurance that it won’t be given out at any cost.

Personalize:  The comments section can be more personalized by adding avatars which have shown to encourage discussions. Authors can make their presence felt with a creative rendering of their name. A blog with one’s logo further adds to its uniqueness especially if you are dealing with a niche audience.

Archives: A blog cannot be complete without an archives section. Readers almost always check the archives section for older posts if they find your current posts interesting and relevant.

Go viral:  And last but not the least offer plenty of social media options from Facebook and Twitter to Digg, Delicious and other bookmarking options on your blog. Also have a share option that lets readers mail any blog posts they like directly to friends. There is nothing like social media to make your blog viral in no time. A “share” link along with a subscribe option in the footer section serves as a perfect way to round off a great blog post.

Jane Cooke writes for Dharne & Co, a website design firm, about ways to make your blog more result oriented. Visit us at Dharne & Co for blog design services with custom WordPress themes and templates.
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