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Your Questions About Blog Theme Ideas

Posted on February 01, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Lizzie asks…

BlogHelp: I need some ideas to base a blog about?

I really am looking forward to starting a blog, but I would appreciate your help if you had any ideas on what to write about…? Like if you have a blog, what idea/theme is it centered around? What attracts a lot of traffic? Also, any other helpful hints would be great! Thanks!

Blog Design Journal answers:

Well what are your interests: as long as write it well any blog will attract lots of people interested in that topic. There is no universal topic that will attract everyone.
You are most likely to do best at what you are interested in: cars, sports, styles, acting, art, music, cooking-pick something that has personal relevance to you and go with it.

Michael asks…

Blog Theme??????????????????????????

For school we have to come up with a blog theme and i was just wondering if you had any ideas??

Blog Design Journal answers:

Underwater will be nice
or something quite naturistic

Thomas asks…

Ideas for my blog avatar and logo theme?

I have opened a fashion blog, here: http://blancexpressions.tumblr.com/ and I am completely stumped on what to make as the logo and blog avatar, it would be great if you checked the blog out and could maybe recommended or suggest and idea of what I should make. Thanks much ! btw, its a male fashion blog.

Blog Design Journal answers:

What I do when making logos and stuff along those lines, I would go on other websites that are just like mine and get some ideas from their logo and things. Think of some stuff that will be on your blog, fashion and such, so think of stuff that comes to mind when you think of fashion and what ever else. Then incorporate some of it into your logo, don’t go to over board with the stuff though. Simple is good. Hope this helps.

Nancy asks…

Starting a blog: Topic ideas?

I’m 13 and i just signed up for a blog at wordpress.com.
I don’t know what to make my blog about though! Sooo…i was wondering if you had any ideas for a blog theme/topic.
Anything you would like to read about or see a blog about?

Blog Design Journal answers:

This is your blog. It will only be good if it is a subject that is of interest to you.

What are your hobbies what do you like to do, what do you love or hate, what needs change or what shouldn’t change?

The best ideas are your own!

William asks…

Looking For Christmas Topics To Write About & Give Ideas On My Blog?

I have a Christmas blog, and I write and share things that are Christmas related. Here are some topics I’ve already done: Recipes, Christmas Tree Themes, Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

Blog Design Journal answers:

You could talk about how commercial Christmas is, how there are fewer Christmas shows on every year, decorating one’s yard with Christmas decorations, what to buy for people who are hard to buy for (e.g. Gift cards)?, some Christmas books (children’s and adults), holiday websites?, Christmas music, or homemade ornaments/decorations.

Hope I helped!

54 Days ’til Christmas

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