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Farming Out Design Work for Bigger Profits

Posted on August 10, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Small businesses share a common problem: Business waxes and wanes, and it is hard to scale up. Now there is a way for blog designers to get instant help when jobs are abundant, without incurring salaries or being harassed by hungry freelancers when jobs are scarce.

Whether you are doing all the blog design work yourself because blog design is your business, or you are a small business trying to save money by doing everything yourself, sooner or later you reach your limits. You cannot do it all, not only because you run out of time, but also because we are not all equally good at everything.

If you are not a professional blog designer, it can be well worth hiring one. You get a better-looking blog, and you can spend the time far more profitably on other tasks.

If you are a blog designer, by farming out some work, you can take on jobs you would not otherwise be able to. You can make a profit without doing most of the work. Or you can farm out some work to make more time for getting new business.

The key thing here is to buy professional-quality work that you can afford to mark up and bid out to your clients. You need to pay a flat rate, and you need a fast turnaround.

The other thing is sometimes hard to admit. Even if you love designing WordPress themes, it takes a lot of time, and there may be others who can do it better.

The great thing about outsourcing something like a WordPress theme is that the client never has to know if you don’t want them to. You insert and lay out the content. You interact with the client. And everyone is happy.

The question is who to farm out the work to. Local freelancers may be looking to poach your clients. They can be unreliable. They may not deliver on time.

The answer is simple. Use a professional design company out of town. Get a flat rate on all the services you need, when you need them. And get them delivered in just 48 hours.

Sound like a dream come true? It is. And it could be the making of your success as a local blog design and maintenance company.

So here is the secret:  Designpax is a team of experienced designers in New York who provide design services at flat rates and deliver them in 48 hours.

You can order custom WordPress themes, logos, banner ads, Facebook landing pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter backgrounds, and complete campaigns—all at flat rates. Mark them up and sell them to your clients, and nobody has to know—unless you tell them.

Be a local hero with big-city pizazz. Grow your business with quality professional services only when you need them.

It’s the American way.¬†

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