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How to Blog About Your Travels

Posted on September 28, 2009 by GuestBlogger
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Ever wondered where travel bloggers get their money to sustain their travels?

They get the money from writing about and taking pictures of their travels. Basically, they get rich from traveling the world and enjoying their lives. They just document it so that others can read about and enjoy the adventure.

Travel bloggers have taken advantage of some of the most lucrative and easiest business models today, getting rich via Internet blogging.

You have to have at least basic Internet skills, decent writing skills, and a bit of marketing flair. Although, let me stress that all of these can be learned as you go along with your blogging. And the further you blog, the better you become and the more traffic your site will get.

Let me give you an idea on how to blog about your travels and get rich while doing it.

1.    Own a Blogsite

Not the free ones like, Blogger, Myspace, etc. Buy a domain. It’s just about 15 bucks. Chump change of an investment to get started raking millions.

All you need to do after that is to install a wordpress theme, put some content and there you go. Money machine!

2.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting traffic

If you’re not sure what SEO means, don’t worry. You can get help with this by researching it on the Internet. Basically, you just make your site easy to find around the World Wide Web.

Link building, social bookmarking, joining social media networks, and enhancing page ranking… these are some of the process of making your site more accessible. It is one of the most important steps so you will gain an audience and eventually a stream of income.

3.    Implement PPC advertising in your site

To get started, put some pay per click advertising on your site. You earn money when readers click on the ad. The more traffic you have the more chances that someone will click the ad. It is free and can be used immediately. You can use Adsense from Google.

Pay per click won’t make you rich but it will help bring in a steady stream of passive income.

4.    Be an affiliate marketer

Once you have a steady stream of traffic. What you have to do is advertise an affiliate product. When your reader buys the product you earn a commission for every sale that was referred from your site.

You do this by promoting the product just be sure that it relates to your blog posts and content. Marketing a totally irrelevant product is silly and might turn off your audience.

Commission rates are usually high. Mostly, more than half of it will go to your earnings. Affiliate marketing is very profitable indeed.

5.    Create and sell your own product

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, things can get interesting and even more profitable. It is your own product you will sell. You get all the money not just the cut from sales.

The tricky part is deciding what kind of product you are going to create and sell. For starters, you can write a book, create a video, or engineer an offbeat invention. Be creative.

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