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How to Buy Supplies and Gadgets for Your Blog Design Business for Pennies on the Dollar

Posted on June 30, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Blog designers are always having to buy gadgets and supplies to keep up with new technology—and just to keep the business going. And that gets expensive pretty fast. Unless you know the secret: Deal Dash.

Deal Dash has come up with a fair, fun, faster way to do online auctions. So you find out fast if you’ve won. If not, you can buy the item you need right away for regular price right there at Deal Dash.

The auctions are more fair and less annoying than the old-fashioned kind, bccause Deal Dash closes them fairly soon after they get under way. That keeps snipers from sneaking in at the very end and snatching the item out from under your nose. It is easier to win, and there are always lots of auctions starting.

These are brand new, top notch itms like the latest iPad or iPhone as well as more mundane things that you have to buy all the time. So you can save a bundle on almost anything, anytime.

You buy a package of bids and use those to bid on whatever you want. You can sometimes buy packages of bids as cheaply as 15 cents a bid. And you can some times buy bids at auction, too. It is really incredible how much money you can save—and how little time it takes.

To find out more about how you can have fun and save money on the things you need for business, or just for fun, watch this short video on how things work at Deal Dash.

You know you want that new iPad….

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