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Make Money Blogging With Linkworth

Posted on October 04, 2009 by GuestBlogger

Today I received an Email from LINKWORTH which said that one of their advertisers is requesting to p lace a LinkPost on my Blog. This is the first invitation from LinkWorth. It is a site which we can make money blogging.

It supplies so many ways we can make money with our blogs.  The ways include: LinkPost , LinkAds, LinkWords, LinkInTxt, LinkBB, LinkSura , LinkMura, LinkPack , and Affiliate Program. If your blog is great enough, make money blogging with LinkWorth is a good choice.

Linkads – are simple text links that are normally places in a website/blog sidebar. Publishers make 70 percent of CPC (cost per click) of all links.

Linkpost – linkpost is a way where the advertisers set some outlines for their website or service and ask the bloggers of their choice to their review or words on it. Bloggers normally make 70 percent of total earning in this kind of scheme.

LinkArt – with this service, the advertisers send their articles with their links and keywords of their industry to hundreds of bloggers to place on their blogs with one time cost. Also their articles are placed on article hosting directories from where the advertisers will not only be able to get valuable traffic but will also be able to get a quality back link every time their article is placed there.

Linkdir – we have to do lots of link building if we are willing to get on top for targeted keywords on various search engines. With Linkdir service, your website with different keywords, descriptions are submitted on hundreds of biggest directories on the internet from where the site owners will be able to get lots of quality back links for their websites.

LinkWords – is in-content pay per click (PPC) advertising program like Google adsenseand KONTERA. In content kind of PPC advertising offers higher conversion rate compared to other means of advertising and to use this service; advertisers have to select their words, websites/blogs and PPC where they are willing to place their ads in between content.

LinkInTxt – with Linkintxt, advertisers are required to buy specific words or phrases of their niche in the specific blogs/websites of their choice.

LinkBB – is the latest advertising technique introduced by Linkworth. With LinkBB, publishers host the advertiser’s content with links on their websites. This method is really helpful for publishers who know little about content writing and who want to earn some fast money. In this kind of adverting scheme, the advertisers write content about their products and services with links and once the publishers accept this content, it is hosted on publisher’s websites.

LinkSura – with this service, Single URL rotating Ads (SURA) are displayed on your website home page, selected internal pages or even on the entire website. In this advertising scheme, linksura rotates the ad with each page view of the website and thus allow the advertisers to target multiple keywords.

LinkMura – Linkmura are multi URL rotating ads where both textual ads with hyperlink rotates with every visitor. So linkmura allow advertisers to promote their multiple urls for different keywords.

LinkPack – with Linkpack, advertisers can buy their link ads placement on multiple websites or blogs from publishers. So in this kind of scheme, advertisers may show his/her single linkad on all of publisher website. Publishers can make lot of money with LInkpack if they have several domains of same industry where the advertisers may love to add their linkads.

LinkPress – Press releases are really effective and they earn lot of attention for your website from visitors. They introduce your products, services and company to the potential customer of your niche. With LinkPress, your press release will be circulates to thousands of news websites including Reuters, CNN and MSNBC. And within 24 hours or so, your press release will be picked by major search engines including Google, yahoo and MSN. .(http://www.scopeformoney.com/2008/05/08/make-money-in-different-ways-with-linkworth/)

We can see that we can make money blogging with LinkWorth in so many ways. Other sites supply one or two ways to make money blogging for us and LinkWorth supplies almost all of them.

In its affiliate program, if the people you refer who earn $100, you will get a bonus $50. It is good revenue.

They also supply some good webmaster tools for bloggers such as Keyword Density Analyzer, Site Link Analyzer and Search Engine Marketing. You can optimize your blogs with these free tools.

Payments are made monthly on the 10th of each month. You can choose to use PayPal, business checks, Bank to Bank wire transfers (non US banks) or direct deposits (US banks only). The minimum payout amount for PayPal is $25.

Now, join LinkWorth and make money blogging.

make money blogging
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