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Money-Making Widget for 2009

Posted on January 02, 2009 by Kathleen

My favorite new widget for 2009 is the PayDotCom product widget. I’ve been busy today putting it on all my blogs.

The PayDotCom product widget displays links to the top-selling products in up to three categories you choose. It comes on a variety of colors to match your blog. To view the one on this blog, look in the far right column. You may have to scroll down a bit. It has a dark blue frame.

And if anyone clicks on a product in the PayDotCom widget, and ends up buying it, even months later, you get paid a commission. 

You select the categories and the widget color. PayDotCom provides a snippet of code to paste into your site. It is just that easy.

You do need to join PayDotCom first. If you have a ClickBank ID, you can elect to have the top-selling products from ClickBank in your chosen categories also be displayed.

To use that feature, you will need to join ClickBank if you don’t already have an account. (PayDotCom and ClickBank accounts are free.)

Here are a couple of quick tips:

If you decide to change the widget color, you must double-click on the new widget for it to be selected. Otherwise, you will get the old one.

Instead of copying and pasting new code to change the widget color, you can simply change the number of the “theme” in the widget code. The colors are numbered starting at one in the upper left corner and moving from left to right. If you are not changing categories, it is easier and quicker to just change the code.

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