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Pay Per Play Audio Pays You!

Posted on December 07, 2007 by Kathleen

This is advance notice of a great new audio ad system that will go online February 1. The time to sign up is now. Because you also get paid for everyone who signs up through you!

Pay Per Play Net Audio pays you to put a snippet of javascript on a page of your blog (or website). A 5-second audio ad then plays whenever that page is displayed. And you get paid every time it does!

The ads are context-sensitive, so they match the content of the page. You can put them on as many pages as you want to (one per page). And you get paid for every visitor who views a page.

We are assured that the company has signed up the top broadcast advertisers, plus companies like Harley-Davidson. But your site is eligible no matter how small or how little traffic you get.

They promise that the ads will not violate the Google Adsense terms of service. They swear to have one of the top search engines as a partner, but they won’t announce which one till February 1. I think we can guess which one it is, though.

As much as I hate the idea of automatic audio commercials—even if they are only 5 seconds long—I have signed up. This is an easy way to monetize blogs and websites without compromising the design. This is going to be huge!

So go right now to the PayPerPlay site, try out the demo, and sign up. Then tell get your friends to sign up through you. Make your blog pay its own way!

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