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How to Sell Your Cell Phone to Buy an iPhone

Posted on February 26, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

OK, I give up. I want an iPhone, I want it bad, and I want it now! I went to dinner the other night and all my friends had iPhones. All of them! You, too?

If you are like me, you may already have a phone that is not an iPhone, and there may be nothing really wrong with it. It just is not what you want.

Maybe it was pretty expensive when you got it. So it may be hard to justify just tossing it away and buying a newer, better phone. You know, so you can easily run your blog design business from your phone. Yeah! You really, really need it for business. Really.

Did you know that you can easily sell that “old” phone on line and put the money toward a top quality new iPhone? Well, you can.

A price comparison service called Sell Cell can help you sell used cell phones for the best price possible. They compare leading US phone buyers. That can help you know what to charge when selling your phone. And selling your phone, instead of just tossing it the trash or in a drawer, really helps the environment.

Selling your old cell phone is a good thing to do, even if you have no need for the money, because manufacturing new phones takes a bite out of the environment. It requires rare metals, often mined under horrible conditions, and it uses plastic made from hydrocarbons. Every phone that gets reused is a good thing.

So whether you are hesitating to get a new iPhone because of the cost or because you hate to waste a “perfectly good” old cell phone, wait no longer. Sell your phone, get some cash back, and then go get the latest and greatest iPhone.

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