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10 Steps For Monetizing Blogs

Posted on April 12, 2010 by GuestBlogger

More and more people are resorting to blogging these days. Sure blogging is a good way to earn money, but a reasonable income is what one can get from blogs and one should not expect million dollars to be made out of a blog. However let us discuss some steps which can be undertaken for monetizing blogs.

1. The blog should have content which is original, fresh and very interesting.

2. Choose a topic which is niche and thus would attract traffic. Moreover, the niche should be such that it is popular and one which a person is really passionate about and enjoys writing about

3. One should do an intense keyword search before writing and posting blogs. Keywords should be longish in nature and competitive. Use of primary and secondary keywords should be done exhaustively

4. It is essential to select or build a template which is AdSense friendly.

5. One should resort to growing their email subscription as well as RSS feeds.

6. Posting should be done regularly. Good, thought provoking content should be put be on the blogs. Search engine spiders would sure increase traffic to view the new and fresh content. One can even put up a posting schedule.

7. Generation of traffic is important. One can do it using eye catching headlines, SEO techniques, social networking, viral marketing and other methods.

8. One should resort to advertising as well. Paid and free advertising both needs to be indulged in.

9. Calculations need to be done as to which articles or keywords attract visitors more.

10. One can indulge in interacting on social networking forums with people of similar interests and forums. Moreover, intelligent comments on other’s people’s posts could also help people to visit your own blog as well.

These are some of the popular methods formonetizing blogs.

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