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101 Blogging Tips: How to Create a Blog That People Will Find, Read, and Share

Posted on October 27, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

UPDATE: 101 Blogging Tips now includes links to the PDF and audio (MP3) versions of the book for free! This information is on the last page of the ebook.

This ebook (approximately 12,000 words in length) details 101 things you need to know about blogging. It is meant primarily for people who are relatively new to the world of blogging and don’t want to spend days, weeks, and months trying to figure everything out. There are, however, tips that seasoned blogging veterans might find useful, too. It’s all here in this one inexpensive ebook.

He is a professional blogger and infoproduct creator and is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Update 4/2/12: Some minor typographical errors were fixed and information about the PDF and MP3 versions of the book was added. These versions of the book are available only by purchasing the Kindle version through Amazon and are not available in any other way.

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3 to “101 Blogging Tips: How to Create a Blog That People Will Find, Read, and Share”

  1. Tyler says:

    A very practical guide for those wanting to succeed Tristan walks us through 101 very practical tips to successful blogging. The content is shared in a won’t-make-you-fall-asleep format with plenty of personality. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the book is the fact I know Tristan to be an avid blogger with multiple sites to his credit. The tips that he shares all come from personal experiences and not from 3rd party research.Though not an avid blogger myself, there are some upcoming “adventures” in my life that I would like to document online via blogging. This ebook was a great help to me in helping me understand what it takes to create a successful blog.- Tyler

  2. Scott J. Patterson says:

    Simple – But Effective – Blogging Tips I’m familiar with Tristan’s blogging expertise through his website: thebacklight.com. Like the content on his site; “101 Blogging Tips” is chock-full of useful; but deadly effective blogging tips.What I liked best about his book is he cut through the B.S. that you find with other products. He provides actionable tips that anyone can use to get more traffic and make more money from blogging.It’s a quick read. I got through it during a train ride to the airport (Even taking notes the entire time.) You’ll find that his book provides a good checklist of things you can do to improve your blog.If you’re struggling with your blog; then I’d recommend you check out Tristan’s book!

  3. KBeal says:

    Great book for newbie blogger The book is interesting and well written. It is really helpful for someone like me who has never blogged before and wants to avoid newbie mistakes while I try to develop a presence on the web. This way I get experience/knowledge of a veteran blogger, without having to waste my own time learning from my own mistakes. Well worth the money.

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