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12 Essential Plugins for WordPress

Posted on December 27, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

You have read many article related to must have plug-ins or 10 essential plug-ins for wordpress. As wordpress expert and having long experience of blogging I would like to write the essential plug-ins for wordpress. This artilce is totally different from others due to reason that we didn’t discussed our liking or dislikings rather we have shared our experience while keeping in view the various aspects.

Each plug-in is best of its domain and would serve you the best. Som what a blogger might be expecting in his blog. We will discuss all the aspects which blogger may have and suggest the best plug-in for your wordpress installation.


  1. Most of bloggers ignore the security aspect of their blogs which might result in great loss. Very first plug-in that a blogger should have is login-lockdown. This plug-in monitors unsuccessful login attempts and defined number of unsuccessful attempts, this plug-in disables the login function of wordpress. Hence it secures you from brute force attempt and any illegitimate login attempt. Plug-in function has not ended here, this plug-in also records the IP address and time interval between each unsuccessful attempt.
  2. What if your blog have been messed up by some of your grieved author/editor or contributor. Take regular back-ups of your blog. We have solution from Il filosoft which is fully automated and fully customizable. Select number of backups a day, and select the tables to be back-uped.
  3. Spam is a serious problem for a blogger. Approving long list of comments is itself a hectic job and if spam comments are also posted, what to do then.SI Captcha Anti-spam and Akismet (included in stock version of wordpress) are blessing in this situation. Combination of both will give you maximum protection against spam.

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Imran Yousaf is Computer Science graduate and have vast experience of computer software and hardware. He has special expertise in Internet Marketing, SEO, Blogging, WordPress and Thesis customisation.

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