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30 Minutes to a WordPress Website – The ULTIMATE Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners to Create a Website With WordPress in as Little as 30 Minutes!

Posted on January 26, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Create a Blog or Website Fast – Even if Your Have ZERO Technical Skills!

BOOK UPDATED: January 3, 2012 – Will Work With The Latest Version of WordPress


There are 10 videos that walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get a WordPress website up and running;Everything from choosing a name for your site to managing your content. Pick this book up now to get access to the bonus videos!

If you don’t know where to begin when trying to create your own website, then this Step-by-Step Guide will get you moving in the right direction the first time.

In this book, Eric shows you every step of creating a website using WordPress. WordPress has become the largest and most powerful content/website management software on the planet, and in no time you will be able to navigate and create your own website using this software! …best of all, WordPress is FREE!

This is the All-in-One Guide to WordPress!

You will learn everything from setting up your hosting account to publishing a page and designing your website.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Choose the BEST Domain and Hosting Company
  • 6 EASY Steps to Installing WordPress on Your Domain
  • Adjusting Your Website Settings For Optimal Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Easily Design Your Website in Under 5 Minutes!
  • The 6 Essential Plugins you NEED to Use
  • How to Add Pages with Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse
  • Adding Images and Videos to the Pages of Your Website
  • How to QUICKLY Edit Any Page on Your Website

Want To Learn Web Design the Easy Way? Get Started Now!

If you are looking to create a simple personal blog, a full-blown E-Commerce website, or even a Membership website, Eric will guide you through all the steps you need to get your website published!

Scroll Up and Click “Buy Now” to Get Started!
This book will work with the most current version of WordPress!

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3 to “30 Minutes to a WordPress Website – The ULTIMATE Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners to Create a Website With WordPress in as Little as 30 Minutes!”

  1. G. Speer "gspeer9" says:

    Extremely useful for WordPress beginners; helpful to intermediate users too Eric Allyn’s little “Simply WordPress” book does just what it suggests — it gives you a basic, step-by-step tutorial for building a WordPress website. Besides being very practical for WP beginners, Eric’s concise suggestions make a nice “checklist” for those who have intermediate or even more advanced experience with WordPress. It’s just very, very useful.As someone who’s built dozens of WordPress sites over the years, I might niggle over a few of Eric’s choices, but I support the way he’s done those choices: He sets out a solid “here’s how I do it, and here are a few options you might want to try later” methodology. He goes so far as to make specific recommendations on finding and registering a domain name, as well as finding and signing up for a good webhosting service. No arguments with that, because someone buying this book for the sake of its title wants and probably needs that guidance.And, by the way, the content not only walks you step-by-step through setting up a WordPress site, it offers some short and very practical discussion about the difference between WordPress “pages” and “posts.” Many WordPress tutorials I’ve seen fail to explain that fundamental distinction and leave beginners puzzled about why the two terms and which they should use. (The author comes down on the side — soundly so, I believe — of using mostly “posts” with very few “pages.”)There are all sorts of more advanced books and online video tutorials out there for WordPress. But there’s nothing I’ve seen as over-all useful and practical as this little ebook for those wanting to get a WordPress site up and running today.The book is marred slightly by the occasional typo, punctuation inconsistency, etc., but over-all is so useful that I’m giving it a 5-star anyway. The content of the ebook itself is that well done.

  2. BookishFriend says:

    Nice and helpful I am actually in a slightly different position from most of the normal readers. I can code, however I knew nothing about wordpress or how to install it. The guide has given me a fair bit of confidence to be able to setup a wordpress blog, which is exactly what I was looking for in this guide.The guide is nicely layed out and also has some helpful links for beginners.

  3. Bob Bessette says:

    WordPress Quick and Easy! This is an excellent resource if you are interested in getting up and running quickly with a WordPress site. Eric has done a thorough job of identifying and explaining the steps needed to get get going with WordPress from choosing a domain name, initial site setup, choosing a theme, and adding the right plugins to your site, etc. He also gives his experienced insight into his favorite themes and plugins, the basics of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and other valuable resources that you can utilize to perfect your websites.If you want to get up and running fast and easy with WordPress, you cannot go wrong with “30 Minutes to a WordPress Website”! I highly recommend it…

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