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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress to Blog

Posted on December 06, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

If you are a blogger and have not used WordPress already, you should definitely give it a try now because you are missing much. In this article I will talk about top five reasons that makes WordPress the number one blogging platform in the world.

1. WordPress is free.

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is shared for free. You can use as many copies of WordPress on your sites as you like. In addition you can customize the source code to meet your needs if you have some experience in coding.

2. WordPress is highly customizable.

Have you ever encountered two WordPress sites that look identical? I guess not. This is because WordPress is so flexible that you can change almost anything regarding the design and layout easily even if you do not know what HTML is. This is one of the most appealing features of WordPress that makes it so popular among millions of bloggers.

3. There are thousands of themes to use.

If you do a fast search on Google, I am sure you will find tens, if not hundreds, of websites that offer WordPress themes either free or paid. I know some websites offering more than a thousand free themes. That is a really good thing to have, which makes it easy to find a theme that is related to the topic of your blog. If you plan to spend some money, you can buy really nice looking themes and have a new one created if you can not find the exact theme you are looking for.

4. WordPress has great plugins.

Plugins are what makes life easier with WordPress. As WordPress is open source, each day new plugins are going public. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. From contact forms to social bookmarking tools and SEO tools, WordPress now has a great archive of plugins each designed to serve a specific need. This is one of the most powerful aspects of WordPress.

5. WordPress is search engine friendly.

Google loves WordPress and sites created by WordPress are indexed fast and rank well. Being already SEO friendly, in addition, there are lots of plugins that are used to make it better.

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