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Amazon Cloud Drive for PC [Download]

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Cloud Drive for PC and Mac

Simple and Secure

Amazon Cloud Drive for Mac and PC makes it easy to protect, manage, and enjoy digital content from all of your devices.

Protect Your Files

Everything you put in Cloud Drive is safe and secure, even if your computer crashes. Get a new laptop or desktop? It’s easy to move files from your old computer to the new one when your files are on Cloud Drive.

Access Content Anywhere

Add your documents and spreadsheets to Cloud Drive, then open and edit them from any computer, web browser, or Kindle Fire. Drop photos and personal videos from your computer into your Cloud Drive folder and bring them to life when you’re on the go using the Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS and Android devices.

Get Started with 5 GB Free

It’s easy to get started with Cloud Drive. Add your digital content to the cloud today with 5 GB of free space.

Product Features

  • Simple: Download the app to your computer, then drag and drop the files you want protected to the Cloud Drive folder.
  • Secure: Rest easy knowing your files are safe even if your computer fails.
  • Accessible: Access the digital content you put in Cloud Drive from any computer, web browser, or Kindle Fire. Bring your Cloud Drive photos and videos to life with the Cloud Drive Photos app for Android and iOS.
  • Free: Start protecting your important files with 5 GB free.

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3 to “Amazon Cloud Drive for PC [Download]”

  1. v19Lobo says:


  2. Jerod Gummer says:

    Terrible – Locked into using the C drive for all files 0

  3. C. Stathis "cstat" says:

    If you use this service, keep your own hardcopy backup 0

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