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Best Blogging Platforms

Posted on September 02, 2011 by

However to reach a potential amount of the reading population that is where you need to be. Whether you merely wish to have your say about something in particular spread to the world or you are trying to perform a service blogging is the choice.

A short list of the best blogging tools for the beginner blogger or the old pro are some of the following.

Penzu. This is one of the newest of the platforms available with privacy being it’s major feature. However, privacy can be the most important thing you should consider in your world of internet based contact. But it still remains the one tool designed for the few instead of the many, if your blog is more a personal contact format. Make Penzu your choice if journalism happens to be more of what you are after.

Next in the smaller blogging world Tumblr could probably be the one for you. It is more of a miniature style of the tweeting world, although it does allow far more characters for greater length. Like Penzu it offers quite a variety of themes for more of a personalized site.


Two more very similar tools that are easy to use in creation of your website are Joomla and Drupal. Both remain quite alike in their features and functions, Drupal however remains more towards the directions of social communities. Drupal does offer the wonderful feature of posting to your blog via email. Yet lacks terribly in the lack customizations possibilities.

The tool that is owned by Google, Blogger, is one of the first of the pioneers in blogging. A great tool which has improved over time and perfect for the least experienced blogger. One of the best features of this tool remains in the fact you require no hosting services and has zero fees to start. Yet the lack of expanding is a very bad point, in the instance that your blog takes off.

One of the most recommended of the blogging tools is found in WordPress. This powerful tool to the blogger takes you farther into the technological age that is the digital world. It will allow you the easiest, most flexible tools in designing your new blog. As well as support for your content management. Perfect for the blogger remains with the large amount of free themes for a variety of styles, and provides anything you need for e-commerce or social networking plug-ins for wonderful expansion of your site.

Lastly to mention is Movable Type, the most like the powerful WordPress. One of this tools greatest pluses is it’s ability to run multiple blogs after just one install. While still growing in uses it still remains a great source quite comparable to WordPress.

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