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Better Business Blogging

Posted on December 05, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Blogging for your business is an amazing opportunity that has the capacity to deliver tremendous value for your business. And while business owners and their teams share a consistent desire to be able to “crack” the blog formula they also lack the understanding of “how it all works.” This book is intended to provide businesses with the opportunity to help bridge the gap by empowering you to gain a high level understanding of the many ways in which an effective business blog can work for YOUR business.

This book is not intended to be read as a business blogging formula, but rather as a framework by introducing a practical and broad understanding of how to approach business blogging. Rather than focusing on what to blog, the ideas explored throughout this book should help you gain a much better understanding of both the how and why in terms of delivering a return on your business blogging efforts by addressing both your needs as a business owner and also delivering value to your website visitors.

As you are about to see there is not a one size fits all solution but rather just like your business caters to a very select and unique set of customers, so too will the trail you blaze with your business blog also be unique.

While this is a book about business blogging, it is also a book about so much more. The manner and content of your blog actually has a huge impact on your business, just like the core values of your business will have a huge impact on your blog. Your specific tactics will vary but my goal in writing this book was to teach you how to be a better thinker, at least when it comes to your business blog.

Of course as you are the expert of your own business, after being empowered with a stronger business blogging framework you can then take these ideas and craft them to meet the needs of your specific business.


Forward: A Framework for Success
Chapter 1: Telling Your Business Story through Blogging
Chapter 2: Showing Personality by Business Blogging
Chapter 3: Display Your Expertise with Your Business Blog
Chapter 4: Business Blogging Segmentation
Chapter 5: Using Experimentation in Your Business Blog
Chapter 6: Business Blogging for SEO
Chapter 7: Being There By Blogging
Chapter 8: Blogging for Interaction
Chapter 9: Marketing Your Business by Blogging
Chapter 10: Blogging to Know Your Business


At the conclusion of some chapters you will find additional worksheets and other materials that are available for free download. These worksheets are intended to help stimulate your efforts and to reinforce ideas. Feel free to use these additional materials as you see fit.
In addition at the conclusion of every chapter you will find a link that you can visit that will provide you access to a dedicated page focused on providing a discussion forum for that particular chapter. I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    An excellent manual for the small businessperson who wants to enhance his or her online presence through blogging. Gadarian, a successful cyber-marketing consultant, takes the reader step-by-step through the process of creating, maintaining and marketing a business blog. As a writer-producer with a production company website, I particularly appreciated the emphasis on story and personality as the building blocks of a successful blog. Gadarian, who worked for over a decade in the entertainment industry, knows of what he speaks, and presents it in a colorful and readable style. Highly recommended!

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