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Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood

Posted on December 07, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Blog at Home Mom is a source of practical and encouraging tips to help Christian moms balance their life at home with their blogging ministry or business online. You will find ideas for organizing and prioritizing your blog and writing, as well as setting goals and keeping balance with your home and children.

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3 to “Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood”

  1. TrinaHolden says:

    My Passion Isn’t an Accident The Blog at Home Mom could not have come into my life at a better time. The fight for balance between my real life and online responsibilities ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel like I’ve finally found my sweet spot, only to struggle yet again with wondering if I’m even doing the right thing. I was in yet another one of those re-evaluating seasons when I first read Christin’s book. “The passions we have aren’t accidents. God placed them there for a purpose–for His purpose.”–Christin Slade, Blog at Home MomHer honest and practical words helped me to see again how it is not only possible but a privilege to continue to embrace both my mothering and my writing gracefully.I have found that what I focus on expands, which means when I focus too much on ‘how to blog’ type information, I very easily get out of balance in that area. What I love about Christin’s book is she has just as much encouragement and advice pertaining to the motherhood area of my life as the blogging. Her book itself exemplifies the balance she’s calling us to! She moves gracefully back and forth between blogging and mothering advice, meaning I get to the end of the chapter with fresh inspiration for both areas of my life.Christin describes the life of a blogging mom as “A rhythmic sway of passion and purpose”. If your blogging journey has ever felt more like a tug-of-war than a dance, you will benefit from this book!

  2. Gretchen Louise "a farmer's wife" says:

    passion, purpose, and priority Blog at Home Mom is not just a book about blogging or motherhood–it’s a book about time and life management. And it’s both honest and affirming at the same time.Christin begins by acknowledging writing as a gift from God, a passion that she can and must use for a purpose. In fact, she goes one step further, and shows how important it is to let our children see us living these passions we’ve been given.But then, passion put in its very important place, Christin reminds us of our calling as wives and mothers, and the priority each must take in our lives if we are to blog with integrity.Christin doesn’t promise that it will be easy. But neither does she suggest an all or nothing approach. With tips on schedules and a peek into her own routines, Christin shows you how it is possible–and even empowering–to be a blog at home mom.[I received a free review copy of this book, but the opinions expressed are my own!]

  3. Rosann Cunningham "Blogger" says:

    A Necessary Resource for the Beginner Blogging Mama Christin Slade is not only one of my favorite blogging mamas to follow, she’s also an inspiring and deeply authentic writer. I was so excited to see she was launching this book and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m grateful Christin provided a free copy of it for my honest review.The first thing you should know…this book is written from a Christian perspective and offers a great foundation for how to juggle life as a blogging mom. There were so many things I loved about her book. Here are just a few:I loved that Christin included personal experiences and commentary throughout the book from popular bloggers such as Crystal Paine of MoneySavingMom.com, September McCarthy of One September Day, Kimberly of Raising Olives, Gretchen from GretchenLouise.com, Amy Lynn Andrews from Blogging With Amy, and one of my personal favorites Courtney from Women Living Well.I loved that Christin doesn’t claim to get it right 100% of the time. Like many of us she also struggles to juggle it all. She’s authentic and real, sharing what has worked best for her and in many ways I found myself nodding in agreement.I loved that Christin’s words about mothering really convicted me. She writes a section about setting goals in our mothering, just as we do for our blogging. Christin encourages us to have a plan for mothering.This particular quote from her really struck a chord with me and I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to pay attention.”If we can make the time to blog and have a plan for that, we must also make the most of our time with our children. Other than the usual eating and sleeping routines, which are very important for our children’s security and behavior, we need to think through the nurturing aspects of mothering. Our children need our time to know our love. They need our patience to feel loved. When in the day can you carve out the time to read to your children, to play games with them, to have them work alongside you as you do laundry or bake? All you need to do is intend to be with your children rather than leaving it up to the default of your day. Always plan for it or the time will easily slip through the cracks.”I loved that Christin offers great tips for being organized in our writing efforts, as well as in our parenting, and in our homemaking.I loved that Christin reinforces the need to give our writing to God and make sure we’re growing in our own personal walk with the Lord. Just as Christ should be center in our relationships, He should also be center to our writing ministry, and in our heart.Overall, I think this was a very informative, well-written, and excellent resource for the blogging mom to get her hands on. I definitely learned a few great things from it and was inspired to try some balancing methods I hadn’t otherwise thought of before.The price is very reasonable and worth it for the valued information provided in the book.If you’re a blogger, no matter what stage of blogging you feel you’re at, get a copy of this book and spend an hour or two reading through it. You’ll definitely walk away with a few new ideas to put into practice.

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