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Blog for Business: Leveraging Content for Online Marketing + Lead Generation

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Businesses are often plagued by similar digital marketing woes: inefficient or fragmented campaigns, the website that just never seems to get done, the Search Engine Optimization vendor that talks over your head, the complete failure to generate leads from your AdWords push.

In Blog For Business, small business marketing expert Erik Wolf presents a simple, straight-forward marketing system that begins with content and results in a steady stream of online leads.

And perhaps most importantly, Wolf helps readers avoid the marketing gimmicks, shysters and charlatans that will suck your wallet dry without ever delivering any results.

Blog For Business will teach you:

- Why blogging is effective as the foundation for a marketing campaign
- How to make sure that your website project actually gets done
- What quality Search Engine Optimization looks like and how to achieve it
- How to convert more traffic into quality leads

No matter what type of business you’re in, this book will help you get more from every hour and every dollar you invest in your website and digital marketing efforts.

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2 to “Blog for Business: Leveraging Content for Online Marketing + Lead Generation”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most business people are so busy running their business that they never learn how a simple blog can be used to effectively generate new business. The costs in time and money can be more than met with profitable and well targeted new leads, inquires and sales. This book gives a simple to understand guide of how to build and manage a cost effective lead machine for any size/type enterprise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a newer (3 years) blogger and successful online entrepreneur, I have to say that I have only beenimpressed with only a few books on the subject of business blogging, this is my new number one.Recently I was starting to dive into the depths of helping small businesses with creating a blogpresence…but I needed to make sure of a few things first. Jumping on my Kindle one night I searchedbooks about business blogging, and a recent one at that. Blog for Business: Leveraging Content for Online Marketing+Lead Generation stood out with the acorns…hey, I like the outdoors stuff.The book by Erik Wolf, and the contributor Jamie Turner, was the right call. It was as if I am not actuallyreading some long winded, unfriendly book report on this particular subject. Instead it was as if I was simplyhaving a conversation with someone who “knows” his stuff.Right off the bat this book is friendly, but serious, reads easy and, in all honesty, packed with exactly what anybusiness looking for blogging information needs (or their consultant). For a consultant online, local business owner or whatever your case may be, this book is packed not only with the why you should be blogging, but a ton of “how” you should be blogging.For those business owners out there large or small, it is important to start blogging as you will see within the researchdone by Erik. Content is king, it is the currency of the Internet today, and blogs are the best resource for this brand awareness.Inside you will learn everything that you need to help you create a solid blogging presence online. With so many business owners today trying to fight for some type of limelight online, Erik will show you exactly how to get it with Blog for Business: Leveraging Content for Online Marketing +Lead Generation…

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