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Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

The complete manual of blogging strategies and best practices covering who, what, when, where, how, and why and designed to help any author build a thriving, successful, dynamic online presence without sacrificing writing time or losing their minds!

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2 to “Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand”

  1. D. Brown "Mrs B" says:

    Well-written, with smart advice When you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s really easy to forget how overwhelming the combination of setting up a new blog, new social media accounts and so on can be. Well, here’s the good news: it does become second nature. Here’s the bad news: it takes some work and time.Molly Greene is a fantastic blogger. She has built up a loyal following by posting excellent content on a weekly basis. Sometimes the posts are from guest visitors to the blog, sometimes they are from Greene herself. They are always well shared and Greene gets great numbers. In short, her new book Blog It is definitely based in her own experience!There were three things I loved about this book:- It is straightforward: Greene doesn’t get too technical or formal. Instead there’s a feeling of `We’re all friends here’. Frankly, it kind of built up my expectations that she might walk in with a latte and a digestive biscuit for me, so that was a vague disappointment (because it didn’t happen, obviously). Seriously, though, the book has the warm and welcoming tone of a good teacher, rather than a condescending and formal approach that might send blogging beginners running for the hills.- The book is aimed at authors (though I think it would be useful for any new blogger) and the message is very clear: this is part of your platform, part of a long-term strategy, not an overnight scheme to sell thousands of books. Blogging is just one of the (many!) things an author needs to commit to when building a following.- Greene very succinctly extols the virtues of self-hosted WordPress. Hooray! A free blog is all well and good but self-hosted offers so many benefits. Authors struggle enough to get their books to stand out in the crowd. Why on earth would any author want a free – and likely generic – blog? To be fair, Greene shares info on Blogger and WordPress.com but I think I’m still going to have her on my team…So, if it’s good for new bloggers, does that mean it doesn’t offer any benefit to more seasoned bloggers? I’ll be honest that I didn’t learn anything brand new BUT I have been blogging for several years. Also, I might not have expanded my knowledge but it’s so so easy to slip into bad habits. For me, this was an excellent best practice checklist, to make sure I was doing the things I should be. Certainly worth it for less than the price of a coffee for a comprehensive self-review guide!Well-written, with smart advice, this book manages to be refreshingly free of assumptions about what beginners should and shouldn’t know, while at the same time avoiding treating readers like children. Certainly a feat of balance and care! My only question is will we see follow up volumes for intermediate and advanced readers? That would be a must-buy series for authors wanting to move from blogging basics to blogging brilliance.

  2. Cindy Harrison says:

    Blog It! Brims with Wise Advice for Bloggers Ever wanted to start a blog? Already have one and can’t get excited about it? Molly Greene’s power tool of a book is all you’ll ever need. Molly, an author I follow on Twitter, and have reviewed before, sent me an advance copy of Blog It! and I ate it up like brain candy. Which is weird because I’ve had a blog for ten years. Ten years sounds impressive, but after reading Molly’s guide, it felt as if having a ten year old blog is similar to having a pair of ten year old blue jeans. You want an update every decade or so.Molly’s book taught me so much. When I read it, I was pretty much blogged out. I’d said everything I had to say about the art and craft of writing and publishing. But Molly re-energized me with her concrete solutions for bloggers in need of new topics. I had to stop reading to jot down ideas for posts, that’s how fast this book works.Blog It! is easy to follow and packed with pertinent information. Molly gives clear, concise instructions for beginning bloggers and those of us in need of a blog-lift. I’d recommend this book to any blogger, from seasoned pro to newbie to not quite there yet.Having found (at least) twenty things I want to try, I’m already implementing Molly’s suggestions, like using widgets to build a tag cloud, adding social media icons, and joining Google+. Don’t let these terms scare you off; if you follow Molly’s step-by-step instructions, their meanings will become crystal clear.Blog It! teaches more than how to navigate a Word Press dashboard. There are sections on building readership, blogging a book, and how to shoot page views through the roof. But the biggest thing I learned is that you CAN teach an old blogger new tricks.

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