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Blog Link Building- Part of Every Successful Bloggers Plan

Posted on July 03, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Every successful Blogger I know of uses link building as part of their internet plan. Link building is the number of links pointing back to a Blog. The greater number of relevant high quality links a blog has the better its ranks with the search engines such as Google.

There are two types. Reciprocal links and one way links. Reciprocal is when two Blog sites agree to link with each other for mutual benefit. This is not always easy to do as you have to find someone who would like to link with you.

One way links are easier to get and point directly to a Blog. If it is from a relevant site it will rate higher than from a non relevant site. The number, or volume, of links is important as well. The more the better.

Here are practical methods to build quality one way links,

Article Directories. Ones that have a high page rank.

Social Media. Facebook and Twitter are good social media sites.

Leave comments on other People’s Blogs.

An ongoing link building program will steadily build the number of links to a Blog. Article directories, social media, and leaving comments on Blogs are practical and not too difficult once you get used to it.

More links build value into a Blog. This is good if the site is going to be sold somewhere down the road. The other obvious benefit is the viral traffic it makes back to your site. More and more people can find you and it is an organic method of search engine optimization. If you want more visitors have a look at quality link building to a Blog. It is one of the most effective traffic generators that I know.

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