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Blog Platforms For Website Production And Maintenance

Posted on August 27, 2011 by

Although quite a number of people and businesses utilize blogs on their websites, few understand the possibilities and advantages of a blog platform for total website management. Although other website publishing approaches require either detailed knowledge of HTML and/or web publishing software to make any changes or updates to a site, blog platforms allow for relatively easy changes through a simple “WYSIWYG” interface that most individuals can learn to use pretty quickly.

Some think that utilizing blog software for their website means that they will have to become “bloggers” who are constantly updating their sites. This is not true – you can update your site as often as you want to.

An additional objection to using a blog platform is that some individuals don’t want their websites to look like a typical blog. Early blog platforms did not allow many options for customization, but there are now numerous possibilities for customizing a blog’s appearance.

For instance, up to date blog themes now allow for many customizations, such as header images, text fonts and sizes, the appearance and location of site navigation, and almost any other website layout variation you can think of.

Probably the primary reason to consider using a blog platform for your site is the ease in making changes and updates. Blogs make it possible to quickly and easily add content in the form of text, graphics, and even audio and video clips. You can also quickly make radical changes in the appearance of your blog by changing just the master settings, as opposed to other types of website management that require you to change each page individually every time you want to update your site.

Blogs also have numerous plugins available that allow you to add advanced functions without needing to know any programming, or needing to hire someone to do the programming for you. For example, some plugins allow for automatic updating of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking / social bookmarking sites. This has the the advantages of both increasing your exposure and providing your website with valuable backlinks that will enhance your site’s presence on the search engines.

Blogs have the added advantage that they can be updated online with just about any computer, or any device, that has internet access. This is a big convenience for those who want or need to be able to update their website frequently but does not want to have to travel with a bulky laptop, or have to worry about computer failure.

All in all, blog platforms provide easy and convenient website management and can be used to produce attractive websites with great features.

George Best is owner of Best Marketing Profits. To view a sample of an “un-bloglike” blog, please visit the website for poet Wendy Barker. Best can be reached at (210)535-4388.
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