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Blog Wonderful

Posted on August 07, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Blog Wonderful is an online eBook written by blogger Dana Fox of Wonder Forest. This reference book is for both the beginner and novice blogger. It shares tips, tricks, and knowledge gained as a “new girl on the scene”. What you will find in this eBook is a collection helpful information about becoming better at blogging, as well as some great hints from the author’s profession as a web designer New on the blogging scene in 2011, Dana spent a year growing her following and documenting what worked, and what didn’t. Blog Wonderful is a collection of those findings. Written in an honest and encouraging easy-to-understand manner, you’ll feel as though Dana is right there with you, sharing advice as a friend would. This book covers topics such as: Gaining new readers and followers Staying loyal to your readers Blog design tricks and tips Branding yourself Adsense and ad networks Making money with your blog Blog advertising What not to do Goals and expectations and so much more!

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3 to “Blog Wonderful”

  1. Dara Shultz says:

    Practical Tips For A Thriving Blog! About the middle of last year (2012), I got it in my head that I wanted to do a big ol’ revamp in order to really take this blog to the next level. When I looked at the pricing, however, I realized I just didn’t have the money to do a large undertaking. I was a little disappointed, but I kept on plugging away, focusing on what I could do. Randomly, I read a blurb about Dana Fox, the woman behind The Wonder Forest. She had written a book, Blog Wonderful, about the astronomical growth she experienced during her first year of blogging. She literally took notes during that time and documented what worked and what did not. It took me all of two minutes to download it onto my iPad, and another day or so to devour it. Not only does she give great information on finding your voice and audience, but also practical tips on how to do things like link-ups, or how to download your entire blog onto your computer directly from Blogger. Did you know that was possible? No? Neither did I. As an added bonus, she specifically talks about using the Blogger platform, making it a snap for newbies like me to apply her tips. It is the most helpful blogging book I’ve read (and I’ve read a few!), and I cannot recommend it enough!DaraLivingMySomeday.com

  2. Danielle Hershman says:

    Written Wondefully… You will find lots of tips, tricks, ideas and other helpful stuff for bloggers. This book is great to help get started on the right foot and avoid common mistakes, like I did. What I found most helpful was that it made me think again about my content, pay attention to being original and being consistent.I bought it last month and it took me just a few hours and a couple coffees to finish it, it was so easy to read, all the tips were really helpful, i really enjoyed the way Dana wrote it, almost like if she was talking to me in person, I was really sad when it ended, I wanted more!Elba // livecolorful.com

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dana writes a wonderful book that gives you key insights into the art of blogging. I highly recommend this book and reference it frequently. There is so much good information in it!xxx,Danielle Faith

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