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Blog Your Way to Profit and Popularity

Posted on September 27, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Blogging was strictly for computer geeks when the first few blogs surfaced on the internet but there was so much interest that it wasn’t long before programs that make it easier to set up blogs started to appear. Now, almost anybody can start a blog from scratch in less than three hours without the need for any special computer skills – if you can use a mouse and a keyboard you can be a blogger.

The most important place to start is to identify your own special passion; what is your blog going to focus on? This might be easy for you but most people agonize over this. You need a subject you can blog about for years, not just a few weeks otherwise you’ll quickly run out of ideas. So think carefully and do a lot of research and a healthy dose of soul searching before you select that vital topic.

You’ll need to research blogging programs and hosting services to make sure your blog will have all the features you want. After that it’s simply a case of following instructions to set your blog up – a couple hours and your blog should be up and running, ready for your first post – yes, it’s that fast.

Fame and fortune take a little longer so focus on posting regular articles to your blog and make them as powerful and interesting as you can. Do this right and readers will love your blog – when you get enough traffic advertisers will love it too and  pay to advertise on your blog.

Most bloggers will tell you they’re in for the long haul – they’ll tell you it takes time to build up traffic and for the search engines to raise your blog’s page rank which is what will bring advertisers and revenue. Here’s a little secret:-  most bloggers don’t know there are some really clever tips and tricks you can use to fast track the ranking process and get your blog to the top of the search engine blog rankings within weeks.

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